Friday, May 13, 2016

Donald Trump is the Conservative Id. All Right-Wingers are belong to TRUMP

Make America Great Again - Donald Trump's Red Trucker Hat
 "Why would I want to say no to the circus? I like circuses," - Newt Gingrich May 2016, auditioning to be the Dick Cheney to Donald Trump's W(orst President Ever).
 I began this post last August, and it's sat in my drafts for 9 months. I thought Trump was running to promote himself and his "brand". Being a shrewd and crafty grifter Trump correctly deduced the Republican nominating process was a windfall of free 24 hour media coverage and publicity. I wasn't convinced he'd do better than Rudy Giuliani in 2012. Now, I wonder if we'll ever find out what Trump's real plan was or as his Grand Illusion became reality if he decided to take the Republican Nomination.

Donald Trump successful campaign says a lot about conservatives in America. Besides, validating everything the Left has been saying about the misogynist, racist, bigoted right it shows how easily they've been swayed time-and-time again by grifters, carnival barkers, moral hypocrites, and devious Vulture Capitalists. Additionally, as the Republican Party has begun their traditional summer march to fall in line behind their candidate it once again proves the Republicans place Party over Principle and the Plutocratic Agenda over the American People.

Donald Trump is the Vox of the Monstrous Conservative Id. Whether he believes what he says doesn't matter. He's simply tapping into the Right-Wing Populist angst of the white working class. Some of this angst is a self-inflicted delusion and some of it comes from being cast aside by Cut-Throat American Capitalism. But, the white male conservative wants a government which specifically, harms people who are non-white, immigrants, female, LGBTQ, Unionized worker, or simply poor.

Whites (predominately white males) long ago allowed themselves to be bought by the 1%. The wealth of Europe and the United States (the so-called 1st World) stemmed from robbing other Nations, Peoples and citizens of their wealth. In order to turn a blind eye to the atrocious evils perpetrated purposefully by Plutocrats and to believe the utter falsehood that Cut-Throat Capitalism raised living standards, white men allowed themselves to be bought cheaply.

Even today Vulture Capitalists play fancy numbers games on balance sheets and call themselves financial wizards. And if you think such crushing dehumanization of other peoples ended during the reign of Belgian King Leopold II and his monstrous slave farm in the Congo you are fooling yourself. Paul E. Singer, staunch member of the Plutocracy often engages in debt repayment schemes to "make money". But, while his PR firm states, "He believes deeply in the rule of law and that free markets and free societies depend on enforcing it," in reality Singer like all modern day Vulture Capitalists is a Viking. He raids foreign lands, pillages and burns everything, makes off with their goods and calls it Capitalism.

The names and organizations have changed but the IMF and other international Agencies exist for the express purpose of stealing money from poor people and consolidating it in the hands of the Plutocracy.

But, while in the 1940's and 1950's the American Plutocracy made common cause with white men in order to quell dissent from blacks, hispanics, women, and liberals however, time and demographics have blunted the power that white conservative males exert. Thus beginning in the 1970's, and rapidly proceeding since then, the Plutocracy has broken their Social Contract with white conservative males and been treating them the same way they treat workers from everywhere else; cattle and chaff.

Trump is a member of the Plutocracy, but has always been an weird outlier amongst a group made up entirely of weird outliers. Trump's whole campaign is based on tapping the deep well of anger bubbling up in various groups of white America, fomented by decades of conservative media lies about President Obama (or President Clinton or LBJ before him) helping blacks by screwing over whites.


Kulkuri said...

You forgot Carter, they are still demonizing Carter. They slacked off when Clinton was elected, but it is still there.

Dervish Sanders said...

GOP leaders (according to Tom Tomorrow): Trump isn't so bad... as ignorant rage monsters go. Confirmed by a Conservative blog I read recently where the host wrote "the only thing that matters is he's tapped into millions of ticked off Americans' emotions"... and predicted Trump would win. And that's from a Conservative who isn't that thrilled with Trump as the nominee (just can't stand "Hil-liar-y").

For a dozen or so examples of the kind of total nutjob who is supporting Trump you could take a gander at this blog... where the host writes that a "majority of people feel [Trump is the man to clean up Washington]... And this applies to both democrats and republicans".

Grung_e_Gene said...

@Kulkuri, you are correct of course. President Carter is still routinely demonized by conservatives for the crime of being a good and moral man.

@Dervish Sanders, There was never any dodubt conservatives would rally around Donald Trump. And your right they are going to retreat to a variation of their favorite play, i.e. Clean Up Washington. Mostly to Republican Voters that means cutting off government assistance to women and persons of color and undoing legislation to aid the poor and downtrodden and remove protections for those weaker and victimized.