Tuesday, May 24, 2016

An Armed Society isn't Polite it's Chicago

"We're getting rid of gun-free zones, okay?" - Donald Trump, the Monstorous Conservative Id
Contrary to the gun-humping fanatics, pithy comment An armed society is a polite society the truth is more guns equals more gun deaths. It's incontrovertible. More guns equals more chances for negligent discharges and more guns equals a more trigger happy, shoot first, ask no questions later, because dead men tell no tales society.

Gun Violence in Chicago shows what an Armed Society would look like.

Unfortunately, aggrieved white people Don't Care. The segment of white society nursed on the angst of right-wing lies will oppose all efforts to curb gun violence, even those they agree with if liberals or Democratic politicians propose them. Conservatives have become so duped and deluded and that they let themselves be lead by the nose by right-wing internet fables and Faux News Lies and actively ignore the toll guns take on society everywhere and believe that it's only The Criminal Blacks in evil Barack Obama Chicago who are getting shot and killed everyday.

They are so enthralled to the cycle of right-wing rage that a small kernel of gun-humping fanatics and the Blood-Soaked Gun Manufacturing Industry are allowed to dictate gun policy, i.e. Guns Everywhere and Unrestricted Gun Violence.

The people empowered by such are the Ted Nugent and George Zimmerman's of America. Flabby chicken shit cowards.

So 33,000+ Americans are sacrificed every year on the Altar of the wholy 2nd Amendment. Guns are going to destroy society.

Unfortunately, we can not look to Congress to staunch the bloody gun violence.

Mainly, because of criminal Republicans, like Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, who sent a handwritten letter to the mother of a shooting victim claiming that he was “truly sorry” for her son’s death and that “strengthening background checks is something we agree on,” then turned his back on her and voted against the background check bill.

But, also because in the State Legislatures, fear of the Gun Lobby and firearm fucking fanatics screaming the Second Amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, have made for a cowardly, wishy-washy approach. If a Gun Law is passed it is a clunky, hastily, cobbled together bunch of contradictory nonsense which fails because the bill goes too far in the views of the lunatic fringe gun nutters and disappoints gun control advocates for not going far enough. 

So, it's up to We, The People to do something. And while there are groups out there fighting the proliferation of guns and fighting against the NRA and firearm fuckers they are trying the legislative approach. It became apparent after Sandy Hook and 20 dead kindergarten students that looking to Congress was not the answer, especially when multiple laws were passed in states making guns more accessible.

A more drastic approach is necessary. But, drastic implies risk and harm. However, when you see an armed man marching around do not assume good faith on his part. Assume mass shooting about to occur.

One of the tactics of the Gun Toting Fanatics is too get you accustomed to seeing gun nuts marching around displaying their "manhood". Don't get accustomed. Leave the restaurant. Leave the Grocery Store. Call 911 if need be. 

But, NEVER call 911 and lie that the gun man is threatening anyone or waving his piece around. Conservtives do that. Especially white conservatives when they want the police to respond and kill black people.

This is not going to be easy. This is not going to be quick. But, the mass proliferation of guns, the passage of Stand Your Ground and Murder Laws, Concealed Carry Everywhere and Open Carry in many States is going to make it an up-hill climb against the Evil Republican Party, the gun humping fanatics, and the blood-soaked NRA and Firearm Makers. But, no righteous battle was ever easy.

America must control Guns or they and the stubby-littled vulgar fingers on their triggers will control Us.


W. Hackwhacker said...

Of course, Trump wants to do away with gun- free zones -- except gun- free is the policy at his golf courses. What a shit-mouthed panderer...

Nice post, Gene.

Dervish Sanders said...

Trump knows that "Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment" (Trump's words). "She does want to take your guns away. This is a fact" (Rightwing author's words). Obama was also very keen on doing a gun grab (as Wayne LaPierre told us). I guess he just didn't get around to it. Or maybe he got confused, given the fact that Obama expanded gun rights.

Anonymous said...

Unless you amend, or eliminate the 2nd amendment, you won't solve the gun problem. You wouldn't be able to confiscate every gun in America, even if you had the legal authority. Americans are stupid and bloodthirsty. Fix those character flaws and you might have a chance.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The United States has been flooded with guns. A concerted effort by right-wing media trys to downplay the fact that the ready availability and lax controls on guns fuels the gun violence. The NRA and their owners the blood-soaked Gun Industry want Unrestricted Gun Violence in the streets and conservative dupes are to caught up in their self-reinforcing petulant grievance loop to do wants correct.

Thus, when all these factors are in play America suffers gun violence (not just deaths by gun) on par with failed states or nations crushed by western imperalism and far in excess of functioning so-called first world countries.