Monday, April 11, 2016

Trump and Cruz Voters are The Republican Party

"Commie Faggot! Commie Faggot!" - McCain/Palin Voter in 2008 / "You goddamn Communist N*gger-lover!" - Trump Voter 2016 and screamed by every conservative from 1948 to 2016.
There is a belief, the Republican Party has been begging the media to advance that the Trump Supporter is some new and here-to-before unseen Wild Reactionary. But, in much the same way the Media clings to the Both Sides Do It bullshit rhetoric, the assertion that these people aren't the typical Republican voter is false. Trump's supporters are the Republican Party of 2016. Those voting for Trump (and/or Cruz) are Conservatives. Their spittle-flecked chants have been heard at every Republican rally since 1948. And they want what Republicans have always wanted; Societal Dominance.
"This is a movement," Trump exulted last August during a campaign speech in Nashville, Tennessee. "I don’t want it to be about me."
Whatever Trump is and desires is almost irrelevant at this point. Whether he really believes women should be punished for abortions, or if he really plans to invade Mexico, round up a million slaves, and make them build us a wall, or if he will order the military to murder children, rape men, and torture women in an orgy of war crimes doesn't matter. As he said this is a Movement; and once a movement is set in motion it will continue in motion unless some other force acts upon it. And while there is a general feeling Canadian-born Raffie Cruz is more dangerous of the two, because of his megalomaniacal theocratic ambitions, either one will destroy America because of the (un)holy terror they will allow to be unleashed.

The rabid reactionary right-wing believes with Trump/Cruz as President they will be returned to the place of power and authority, even if it's an ephemeral power only over the most marginalized people in the Nation.

What we are seeing is the final transformation of the Republican Party. The Party Elites, who promised a Re-birth of the Nation to get the votes of angry bigots, in order to pass tax cuts is about to complete it's change into the Party of White Power Racists, which will promise the upper class tax cuts to keep them on board.

One additional thought, which was spurred by Steve M. over at No More Mister Nice Blog where he asks why we haven't seen Trumpian Riots yet. It's one thing for the White Power Tea Party Republicans to kick out an Eric Cantor in Virginia or to nominate a Sharron Angle for Senate in Nevada, but when it comes to the Presidency the Republican Elites have much more sway and they very well may take the nomination from Herr Trump.

If they do engage in some convention misdirection, I believe the Republican Party, that cadre of racist bigots, right-wing religious fanatics, conservative child molestors, and Vulture Capitalists will do as they as always have; dutifully line up and vote for the candidate (whomever it may be) with the saintly R after his name.


John said...

Every day, I try to visit at least one wild-eyed liberal website to support my own wild-eyed liberal prejudices. Your site is one of the best this week. Your writing is sharp, well-constructed, and fun to read. I might be back some time. Go Bernie!

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

If someone other than Trump is selected as the nominee (perhaps Paul Ryan) we might get those riots the Donald threatened.