Friday, April 29, 2016

Rape-publican Dennis Hastert gets away with it, a further Investigation is needed to figure out how much George W. Bush and the Republican Party knew (Updated)

Dennis Hastert has received a 15-month sentence ostensibly for his banking crimes, but in reality for the numerous instances of molestation he perpetrated upon high school boys as their wrestling "Coach". While, attending sentencing, convicted criminal Dennis Hastert, all of a sudden developed a case of incarceratius, a highly-technical term for when a perp needs medical attention upon being arrested, by showing up in a wheel-chair.

I give Judge Thomas Durkin much credit for not allowing ambiguities during the sentencing, repeatedly referring to the criminal Republican as a "serial child molester" and making Hastert admit to these horrendous crimes.

But, mention Hastert's heinous crimes and reflexively conservatives will screech Bill Clinton!!! The Right-Wing media and Republicon Party should be congratulated on their brain-washing techniques and success.

For years conservative garbage mouths have used every platform they control, i.e. All the media, to villify Liberals and the Democratic Party while timid reporters have somberly nodded their heads and repeated the lies and baseless accusations against the Left.

Who in the Republican Party, and for how long did those Republicans, know that Dennis Hastert was a child molester? It casts a very suspcious eye on all the kick-backs the Republican Party steered his way as Speaker of the House. Did George W(orst POTUS Ever) Bush know that Hastert need money to cover his crimes? Is that why W(orst) signed the Bill for the Plano Parkway? To funnel money to Hastert?

I don't support further digging into Individual A or other victim's (they've suffered enough) to uncover this but, it appears that as far back as 2002 Hastert was planning on buying the silence of his many victims, and so structured land purchases and government funding to pay for his victim's silence and cover his crimes.

This goes way beyond IOKIYAR, there was no doubt collusion amongst high-ranking levels of the Republican Party and the 1% to funnel money to Hastert so he could keep his evil crimes hidden while at the same time he whole-heartedly enacted policies to enrich the Plutocracy and screw over America in a metaphorical sense this time.

This should not be the last chapter of Hastert's henious crimes. It should be the wedge to investigate everything he did while in the House of Representatives.

The court received more than 60 letters (20 of which remain unreleased) from prominent elected Republicans and conservatives asking Hastert receive leniency. Including from the odious Republican and convicted criminal Tom DeLay, who asserted "we all have flaws" and Hastert "doesn't deserve what's he going through." It's obvious the Republicans knew all along that Hastert was a criminal, but since he was their criminal they could not care less.


The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

A good question, but I'd be surprised if it's investigated.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Dervish Sanders,
Yes, I'll not hold my breath. It's not without precedent Republicans knew about Mark Foley's behavior for years and covered it up until Matt Drugde could get the message out into the conservative internet, i.e. blaming the 15 and 16 year olds for tempting Foley.

But, as to Hastert his heaviness was an obvious indicator and with the story about the lay-z-boy chair in the boy's shower room being common knowledge I have no doubt many Republicans and their owners knew but, the media was hell bent on getting the Clinton's (as they still are today) so Hastert's past, Gingrich's past, and the hundreds of Republican skeletons in the bathroom were dutifully ignored.

Anonymous said...

Lmfao Republican controlled media holy cow you're so blind you can't even fact check right.