Friday, March 13, 2015

Republican Congressman Aaron Schock's gay olde time on the Taxpayer Dime

So, a name and picture of Aaron Schock's "Luggage Lifter" has been released. Mock, Paper, Scissors uncovered the Link and his name is Jonathon.

Despite not being a staff member (giggity) of Aaron Schock's till September 2014, Jonathon Link has been the unofficial offical videographer/photographer documenting Schock's Rad Time as a Congressman. Schock has been billing the American People, accepting hundred's of thousands of dollars in undeclared gifts, and possibly misappropriating funds from his Generation Y PAC for his and his big staff's (giggity) trips to the Aegean Sea, India, the ski slopes of Colorado and frequent big ticket events.

The revelations keep coming out. In September Schock and 10 members of his staff spent at least $10,000 taxpayer dollars to attend the Global Citizen Festival in New York City. Obviously, this was essential to understanding the lives of the people in his district. And Schock has been billing taxpayers more than a $1000-a-month for travel expenses inside his district alone!

Schock supposedly represents the blue collar downstate Illinois District 18, which includes Bloomington-Normal, Springfield and Peoria. Peoria's median income is $40,000 with a median home value of $127,000. Or basically what Aaron Schock spends on travel for ONE of his fabulous staff getaways and what he spent for the Downton Abbey renovations on his D.C. Office. I doubt the conservatives in Peoria, Illinois care that Schock was living the Cowabunga Dudebro life courtesy of the Illinois and U.S. Taxpayer. It is Always Okay if you are a Republican.


W. Hackwhacker said...

Gene - I see where he's resigning effective Mar. 31. To spend more time with his "personal photographer?"

Grung_e_Gene said...

Thanks, just reading up on Schock's resignation. What a twerp! With the way this punk seemed to be entrenching himself I am a bit surprised.

This does head off the Ethics Investigation and if Old A-A-Ron thinks he's free of criminal charges then it's the smart move because those Peoria Working Class people love to vote Republicans into office even as those Republicans live the jet set lifestyle on the taxpayer dime. I'm sure some other despicable Republicans will take over the district.