Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Guns are Tools but, Open Carry Gun Nuts are even Bigger Tools

An Open Carry Gun Extremist "Nunya Beeswax" recently uploaded a video of his encounter with Madison Heights Michigan Police Officers.

In the video, the white gun maniac declares his intent to parade into a High School with his rifle at the ready and holstered sidearm because he's a taxpayer. When the Police Officers respond to this imminent mass school shooting the Second Amendment Hero "Beeswax" takes an aggressive, defiant, hostile tone.

It's so Right-Wing. Mister "N. Beeswax" has apparently sought standoffs with the Police before this latest incident. Of course, had he been black he would have been shot the first time and Faux News and every conservative would defend the Police and declare the shooting a good shoot.

There was a similar incident last year in Kalamazoo, Michigan when a drunken "Joe Schmoe" brandished his rifle, threatened to kill the Police Officers families and stood in the middle of a street for an hour. "Schmoe" was of course not shot because he was white.

Right-Wingers love these types of confrontations with Police because they get to disrespect and spit on Cops while smugly shouting Shall Not Be Infringed and Taxpayer. 

Don't let conservatives lie to you, the behavior of this Open Carry Gun Maniac is basically the attitude of all Right-Wingers in America. And conservatives aren't mad about the behavior of the Gun Nut in this video but, that the video itself has been released. Just like with Mitt Romney's 47% video, Conservatives get mad when people see them espousing their true beliefs.

Of course, Faux News and the Sunday Corporate News Shows have to let Gun Humping lunatics like Wayne LaPierre, Larry Pratt, John Lott or Laura Ingraham on to talk about how we need less gun laws and more guns on the street cause right-wingers really believe it works despite the overwhelming evidence.

Then the conservative drone declares 'A criminal doesn’t care about gun control laws or a gun-free zone.' This is astoundingly ignorant or maliciously evil. Criminals, when they commit crimes, don't care about any laws. It's what makes them criminals. Laws don't stop crimes. Enforcement does. At most a criminal might be concerned about the punishment, but certainly not the law.

But by peddling this rightwing gibberish Laura Ingraham like so many of her despicable conservative pukes is helping to advance lawlessness and allow all the right-wing "Nunya Beeswax's" of America the ability to put the lives of every non-rich American at risk. But Laura and Wayne with their millions of dollars are far removed from this, safely ensconced in a rich fact-free bubble away from what Police Officers and real Americans deal with; so of course they don't care if your toddler gets shot.


One Fly said...

It's all true!

The Right has the floor constantly and Merca is changing before our eyes.

marlu said...

The Kansas legislature is trying to enact an open carry law with NO training required.
We already have concealed carry but it requires training and licensing. What next? Everybody carries - open, concealed and any way they want?

Grung_e_Gene said...

One Fly and marlu,

Watch doughy wide derriered Gun Maniac Joshua Wade state, "guns in schools just makes sense" and thankfully get laughed at...

One Fly said...

Ya it's a bit humorous but these fucks are dead serious.

Never once has the thought ever crossed my mind that ownership rights I have for my two guns were in any way in jeopardy.