Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back to Iraq! Although Conservatives won't be going because they are Cowards

What Bush and the Republicans have done to the Economy, Veterans, and in Iraq are some of the Worst Crimes in US History. We've lost sight of that as the Conservative Media has made it their mission to gin up false scandals.

Thanks to the Lies and War Crimes of George W(orst POTUS Ever) Bush, Dick Deferment Cheney, Donald Rumsfled, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, David Addington, John Yoo, Ari Fleschier, Dana Perino, Douglas Feith, Alberto Gonzales and so many others, The Middle East is now a cesspool of violence, destabilized Nations, with ethnic and religious violence exploding all across the region.

Now, the same warmongering war criminals who have done so much harm to the United States and the Middle East are clamoring for the military to be sent back into Iraq.

One good thing about sending the military back into Iraq is America will once again get to witness the spectacle of Cowardly Chicken Hawk Conservatives pounding upon their jiggily man-boobs while not enlisting and not going into the Combat Zone.

American Conservatives are biggest group of chicken shit cowards ever assembled in the history of humanity.

The current generation learned from Dick Cheney, Dick Armey, Karl Rove, John Ashcroft, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Tom Delay and so many others it was better to "fight" at home than to fight over there.

Conservatives love sending braver men into combat because with those men removed from the US conservatives finally have a chance at getting sex. Of course, women naturally eschew sleeping with Right-Wingers which is why Rape-publicans are always thinking and talking about Rape. Without Rape Right-Wingers would never have sex.

Call it Right-Wing Darwinism, the survival of the shittiest.

There's already a Generation of Conservatives tempered by their avoidance of Fire. Which was spectacularly captured by Max Blumenthal in Generation: Chickenhawk.

Ben Shapiro, Ben Ferguson, Jonah Goldberg, Jason Mattera, Matthew Continetti, Erick Erickson, James O'Keefe and so many other Young Conservatives and Tea Party Terrorists decided their talents were better suited in the rear than on the Tip of the Spear. Because conservatives are cowards.

So, if your blaming President Obama let's see your DD-214 (overseas days) and invite me to your local MEPS so I can watch you take the oath of enlistment.

But, now the Conservative Media is champing at the bit to get all the lying NeoCons, Ari Fleischer, Bill Kristol, Thomas Friedman, Charles Krauthammer, Judith Miller back on the air to talk about what a glorious success Iraq was until That One got into the White House and ruined everything.

So, don't worry the Conservative Media and the Republican Party will spend the precious little time not devoted to Benghazi/Bergdahl, pounding home the narrative that W(orst POTUS Ever) planted the Tree of Jeffersonian Democracy in Iraq only to have it pulled out by the roots by that Kenyan Marxist Traitor in the White House.


Anonymous said...

Obama is still giving the orders, so we will not be sending troops back to Iraq. He probably will agree to airstrikes and every other kind of help short of sending troops. I wrote over 10 years ago on my blog that whenever we left Iraq it would dissolve into terrorist war and anarchy. Another war where Americans died for nothing.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

as much as I would like to comment I am not going to guess two or three times what the blurry numbers are in order to do it! fuck word verification. I haven't used it in two years and don't see any reason for it. this is my last god damn comment assuming I guess right.

ChickenHammer said...

ROFLMA! The US military is overwhelmingly conservative and has only very recently begun to become slightly less conservative. Regarding the change that is occurring; it is being pushed down from POTUS and his administration. Top down change is cyclic and will not survive the test of time.

You can blame President Bush for the rest of your life but he's been out of power since January of 2009. oBama has been in the drivers seat for close to five and a half years and he owns the chaos in the Middle East and N. Africa

Generation: Chickenhawk is a joke. Of course if you go into a Republican college club you're going to find young men and women who are not serving; exactly what you would find at a Democrat college club.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Exactly on what date was W no longer responsible? Was it hard delineation (today yes tommorrow no) or was it a gradual lessening of responsibility?

As always you blame the firefigher (President Obama) and not the arsonist (Bush) for the conflagration in the Middle East.

Being Republican means demanding Personal Responibility from everyone else but, never from themselves.

George Cumerbund said...

The damage in Iraq is done and predictable. We gave them a timeline and all they had to do is wait.
Given enough time they will eliminate each other, kill the ones who don't agree.
We need to become energy independent, ban gasoline engines and private autos. We have far to many homes who are air conditioned and that uses too much electricity and increases global warming. Heat your home with solar or get blankets.
After we become energy independent we can just ignore the middle east and let them go back to riding camels and eating dates. After all we don't really care about innocent people getting murdered because that has been their culture for centuries...Iraq isn't our responsibility anymore. Nor was it in the first place. But the republicans and baby Bush thought differently . That sums it up

A Progressive American said...

George W. Bush should apologize to Americans especially the Vets for sending them to fight for nothing.

Kulkuri said...

Good post, but tell us how you really feel!!

aWol caused the problem and will forever be responsible for it.

The numbers are easier than the scrambled letters were, but not really necessary. All you have to do is not allow anonymous comments. Require some kind of user ID to comment.

the yellow fringe said...

Colonialist Europe set up the borders of the middle east, straight lines through tribal and sect regions. Artificial. It held until Bush held hands with Saudi King and decided to give his oil buddies a chance to rewrite the contracts.
What we see now is a brutal re-drawing of the maps, perhaps the line won't move, but the populations will, tribal regrouping, and it won't settle for a long long time. It's not our responsibility to chaperone this dance. Stay out.

ChickenHammer said...

President Bush has been out of office for about five years and five months. That oBama, his administration, and his followers are still blaming President Bush is hilarious on it's face. The rabid denial is comical.

Dervish Sanders said...
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Dervish Sanders said...

We can't solve their (Afghani's nor Iraqi's) problems. We never should have went in. Damn straight Worst is responsible! The rabid denial that he isn't is what is comical. But Chickenhammer will stay the course and continue to blame Obama... I'm positive.

Granted, Obama bought into the BS about the surge working in Iraq and surged in Afghanistan when he should have pulled us out a LOT sooner, but the Progressive American is right. Worst sent us to war for nothing... although the war profiteering made Cheney and Worst's cronies and family members a lot richer (Halliburton and the Carlyle Group).

But lying Cons will blame Obama. He's responsible because Worst broke it and - despite Obama's mistakes - this was something that was never fixable. And what isn't comical at all is that many people will believe these lies.

By the way, Gene, I've got to agree with that first (now deleted) comment. The word verification SUCKS. Type in EXACTLY what is displayed and the stupid thing says you got it wrong!

Grung_e_Gene said...

mohave rat and Dervish Sanders,
Sorry about the word verification. I've tried on and off to eliminate it but, have been inundated with spam. I'll consider removing it again.

Dervish, absolutely correct about lying cons blaming Obama for Bush's crimes. His mistake was ever believing the Republicans would ever deal with him or the American People honestly. Their mission is to destroy the Nation.

Progressive American,
W(orst Potus Ever) will never apologize. He and his cabal of villains are ensconced in their false righteousness, they revealed in the death they caused and bathed in the blood of better men than themselves.

yellow fringe,
absolutely correct. The cobbling together of Iraq by Churchill post WW1 and Reagan/ H.W. Bush empowerment of Saddam in the 80's lead him to believe they would allow him to reabsorb Kuwait the 19th province of "Iraq".

One of the biggest issues facing the Middle East today is a whole generation of Muslims have grown up with fanatical religious studies as their major (similar to the nutjob Religious Wackos in America, such as Padgett in Oregon)

I am aware of your argument. Obama is President, is that it? Obama's President therefore he's to blame? IS that all you've got?

George Cumerbund,
Of course, its not our problem, but those invested in destroying this Nation, the Middle East, and the World the Republican Party and their conservative drones don't care they just want death and mayhem in order to plunder the world.

W(orst Potus Ever) didn't care he was the Decider.

Georgie Benton said...

Obama isn't only a lying inept sack of shit, but a communist bastard who is gong to bring the USA down to 3rd world status.
And ass holes like you who put him in office are responsible for it.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Georgie Bent One,

You wouldn't recognize a communist if he served you your Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

IT'll be a good day when you get your legs blown off in Afghanistan... Oh wait! You're a conservative coward!

Everyone knows you expect others to do work for you while you play with yourself.

Philo Vaihinger said...

Yes, the conservative racket is quite outrageous.

But worry more about what O will do.

And worry what Hillary will do if she gets to the Oval Office.

Yes, the GOP candidate this time out will be a hawk, too.

But she or the eventual Democratic nominee will beat the Republican.

And Hillary is a died in the wool hyper-Zionist neocon who has been pro-war all along.

BooMan blames the chaos on Sykes-Picot for not carving up the Middle East into ethnically/religiously uniform little states and installing democracies.

He's one of those who always want to blame everything horrific done by anyone else on the planet on white people, if he can find a way.

Illiterate tribesmen living under customary monarchies would have been great material for modern democracy in 1918, he thinks.

And we still should be intervening all over hell and gone, in this way and that, to favor prompt evolution toward democracy, now, he thinks.

He seems to think the rise of Islamism is also due to that same mistaken drawing national boundaries.

Neither he nor the multitude of liberals who think like him are serious non-interventionists.

Damned shame that the only serious anti-interventionists in America are in the wrong party.

Grung_e_Gene said...

A good comment and I thank you for it Philo V.

But, children, even those of illiterate tribesman are never fated to hold exactly what their fathers and their fathers before them believe. Though sometimes they be damned to do so...

Many who afix the (D) after their names feel the urge to Go Abroad in Search of Monsters to Slay.

But, anyone with Presidential aspirations who declares the US should withdrawl and look inwards will be savaged by Both Parties and the Conservative Media.

Now, it'll be different savaging depending on if the person has the D or the R after their name, as a Democratic candidate would be accused of loving terrorists and hating America while the Republican candidate would just be accused of not understanding the Post-9/11 World.

I do worry that President Obama will be convinced to re-engage in Iraq. I don't believe he shall but...

Radical Redneck said...

TODAY'S PROGRESSIVE ERECTIONS unsettling blend of rage, lies, and ignorance.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Well Reactionary Racist, after all we should get your nom'de not guerre correct, My posts are fact checked and 100% correct. Your Child King W (orst potus ever) legacy is naught but death, destruction and failure.

Pierro said...

Rosemary B here:
I can see why you get so much spam. Your blog is rather pathetic.
And you are indeed "disaffected" a typical liberal trait. It feels good because it is all about you and your feelings.
Progressives are the angry ones

Grung_e_Gene said...

Well Rosie,
You actually can't "See" anything because your reading skills are on par with most conservatives not beyond a 6th grade level.

In typical right-wing ignorance you identify my biggest sin, in your short insult, as it being all about my feelings. Because Progressives are the angry ones.

As is usually the case you suffer from Projection. What you're really mad about in your little feelings as you are exposed to something outside your little right-wing cocoon. Because inside the Faux News bubble all the evils and sins committed by right-wing domestic terrorists and Republican criminals can be laid at the feet of the Left and President Obama.

Philo Vaihinger said...

G e G,

I think you are right about the savaging.

But among D's it's a matter of degree.

O has been a lot less neocon than Hillary would have been and will yet be, if she gets to the White House.

Among D's, she is pretty far over on the hawk side.

And that's why I hope she does not win the nomination.

And I certainly hope you are right O does not yield to the pressure to get back into Iraq and/or prolong our stay in Afghanistan, which was IMHO also a stupid war.