Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Second Amendment Wins Again Americans lose... Their lives

"Pro-Second Amendment... There's no place for you in New York?!?" - Sean Hannity, still threatening to leave New York State still not following through...
Is it too soon to adopt gun control regulation in the US? Well, is it?

Because for the Gun Maniacs no amount of dead Americans will ever be enough or will ever provide justification. So, if you think the latest school shooting or mass murder will alter their position you've joined a Cargo Cult.

Perhaps, one would think this a late post about the Maryland Mall shooting where 2 more innocent people were murdered (the killer also took his life) and another person injured. Well, a different pair of men, brothers, were shot and killed over last weekend as well.

In West Virginia, a Second Amendment champion saw two black men behind his home, retrieved his firearm, and from a comfortable distance, pointed the barrel out his window and shot them each to death. The initial story broke that these were two interlopers who violated his land and were breaking into his shed. Except, it turns out the the two murdered men, Carl and Garrick Hopkins, were on property they had purchased, the shed did not belong to the killer and there was no property belonging to the murderer inside the shed.

This was a case of Racist Nervosa, an extremely common condition in America, in which Faux News stories of New Black Panther Party intimidation, Hoodies and Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman provide the necessary Casus Belli for Shoot First, Ask No Questions Later, but be defended tooth and nail by the Right-Wing Wurlitzer of Outrage.

Will pro-gun loons snicker and try to derail gun control talk with more childish clip/mag semantics? Will they attempt to play gotcha by pointing out President Obama has Secret Service agents with (gasp) Guns?!?

Now, the killer in West Virginia is being charged with two counts of first degree murder so the Firearm Fondlers quickly adopt a, 'See he's being punished for his crimes; nothing more to do; move along.'

There's a fundamental disconnect at work in the Gun Control debate. Gun Humpers have adopted an extremist anarcho-libertarian stance similar to those who feel Drunk Driving isn't really a crime unless you damage someones property or run somebody over.

Any Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) will tell you after the fact policing is the least effective way to deter and prevent crime.

As a Nation, we've got to get in front of this epidemic of gun deaths. Only cigarettes, automobiles and marbled rib-eyes kill more Americans than Guns.

Norman Goldman repeatedly states that we are living on hope; Hope that a Second Amendment Hero won't decide today is the day he's going to kill as many people as he can, in a kindergarten, a yoga studio, a Sikh temple, or a darkened movie theater. Goldman also points out that our chattering political class is petrified of the massive out sized influence the NRA, Gun Manufacturers and Firearm Fondlers have over this particular issue.

And with so much anger being bandied about over real and imagined slights and the overall feeling of political helplessness this Nation is a boiling cauldron of Rage... and 300 million guns.

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Philo Vaihinger said...

The 2nd Am is only one of the ways the US Constitution, even at first glance, reveals itself to be an obsolete relic of the 18th Century.

Prove you're not a robot? Had a lot of trouble with robots in the past, did you? Jeez.