Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dinesh D'Souza calls for President Obama's Murder

I am thankful this week when I remember that America is big enough and great enough to survive Grown-Up Trayvon in the White House! — Dinesh D'Souza (@DineshDSouza) November 26, 2013
Dinesh D'Souza is a well known racist, serial adulterer, and wingnut welfare receipient, so its' just plain logical that he would inject some Stochastic Terrorism into the Right-Wing Fart Bubble blog-o-sphere at the moment conservatives are claiming America surrendered to Iran and that Obamacare is a worse disaster than Hurricane Katrina and the George W(orst President Ever) Bush-led Iraq War.

D'Souza, of course, deleted the tweet and then posted, “Feigned outrage on the left over me calling Obama ‘grown up Trayvon’ except that Obama likened himself to Trayvon!” Waaaah! I'm the Real Victim here! Conservatives lack the courage of their convictions and are a cocktail of chicken hawk cowardice. D'Souza is a right-wing victimology champion having gone all the way to blaming Liberals for 9/11,
The cultural left in this country is responsible for causing 9/11. [T]he cultural left and its allies in the media, Congress, Hollywood, the non-profit sector and the universities are the primary cause of the volcano of anger toward America that is erupting from the Islamic world.
Having written that Barack Obama is ruled by the african muslim ghost of his dead father to overthrow and kill whitey, Dinesh D'Souza has made his recent career the elimination of President Obama, endlessly repeating the putrid conservative mantra about President Obama, as the terrorist pal, the kenyan born, the madrassa trained, the marxist bred, the black christian liberation theology muslim with the dream of destroying Real America and pimping his hilariously titled The Roots of Obama's Rage and movie 2016: Obama's America amongst every toxic right-wing news source.

There's really only one reason Dinesh and his despicable ilk have been spewing their filth it's the fevernt hope a Ted-Nugent inspired Second Amendment Hero will murder President Obama. It's the same thing they did with President Clinton in the 1990's which enticed conservatives to drive-by and shoot at the White House. 

If there is one thing Rape-publicans think of more often than Rape Rape Rape, it's assassinating a sitting Democratic President.

Thus by referencing Trayvon Martin, the murder victim of George Zimmerman, D'Souza is clearly alluding to his desired fate for President Obama.

Jerome Corsi and Heather Childers want to Lynch President Obama


Green Eagle said...

Sad to say, you are so right. The lust for violence from the right- stoked every day by their leaders- just grows every day, and unless someone is able to choke it off, it will inevitably end in an act of hideous violence, whether it is the assassination of the President, a bombing like they have already done, a mass killing or something else. The day is coming when they reduce themselves to an exact parallel to the Muslim groups they claim to hate so much. Maybe then the rest of America will face reality- no one seems to be interested in the obvious truth yet.

Anonymous said...

America should be so lucky. Ridding the USA of this scumbag, lying piece of excrement and his monkey face wife would be a godsend . on Jerome Corsi and Heather Childers want to Lynch President Obama