Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Conservatives and the NRA want Guns so they can shoot Blacks, Firefighters and Children (Update: Conservatives call for crack down on Gun Laws)

Update:Conservatives win when it comes to myopic pendatry. Incensed that David Gregory did not bow down to Zardoz LaPierre and declare 'The Gun is Good!', Right-Wingers demanded the DC Police investigate and arrest him for a firearms related offense. Apparently, Gregory and/or the Meet The Press production staff made a request to display the 30 round magazine on TV and were denied.  
It's insanity that Right-Wing Gun Nuts call for looser and looser laws as 30,000 Americans die each year from Gunshot wounds and Unrestricted Gun Violence, but when an MSM reporter uses an empty mag as a prop they demand Justice.
Right-Wing Loons hate most Americans but they reserve a special level of animus for Government Workers and African-Americans.

Make no mistake, the NRA is not only pleased when Americans murder each other with Guns they consider the murderer a Hero of the Second Amendment.
"We're living in a country, a free country, where people have a right to express their Second Amendment rights." NRA President David Keene. 
That's right Chicken Hawk Keene and Zardoz LaPierre consider Adam Lanza a True American Hero for "expressing his Second Amendment rights." Keene's son, another Second Amendment Hero, despite being "institutionalized" 7 times, was convicted of attempted murder in 2002 when he shot up a car in a road rage incident. It makes one wonder how a 7-time mental patient had such easy access to guns?

The oft stated reason Right-Wing terrorists need assault rifles and hundreds of guns with thousands of rounds of ammo is to murder Government workers.

For that we can Thank Ronald Reagan. The evil slime Reagan famously opined "the nine most terrifying words are, I'm from the Government and I'm here to help."

So, it's no surprise that a Gun Nut laid an ambush for Firefighters on christmas eve and killed two, while wounding two more, who responded to a fire in Upstate Webster, New York.

This is undoubtedly what the Second Amendment Hero was thinking when he started an early morning fire and waited upon higher ground for the evil Government moochers to respond.

Richard Poplawski, another NRA endorsed Second Amendment Hero, was determined to keep the Government under control when he laid an ambush and assassinated 3 Pittsburgh area Police Officers.

After the NRA sponsored Sandy Hook Massacre, Right-Wing Gun Nuts lamented Second Amendment Hero George Zimmerman hadn't been present to stalk and murder any Blacks armed with skittles who dared cross his path.

Conservatism is Terrorism.

Even Jennifer Rubin, Andrew Sullivan and David Frum all staunch Conservatives, War Hawks and righties understand that conservatives are too extreme.

They think conservatism can be saved if only the insane elements are excised. They don't understand that Insanity is the Right.

So, conservatives and the NRA will continue to push for Unrestricted Gun Violence to shatter American Society in their Quest to Destroy the Government, Liberals and everyone who stands in the way of them taking their country back.
The NRA Way to protect Firefighters.


toma said...

Why shouldn't everybody pack heat? We could have a civilized society. No one is more decent or respectable than a soldier is. Since when have they caused any problems?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Why not have Marines standing guard outside schools?

Well ignore this never-was MCRD washout.

We need concertina wire and HESCO barrier re-inforced Machine Gun nests outside every entrance to every school!!!!