Friday, April 20, 2012

Did Phoenix Coach Dave Tippett task Raffi Torres to take out Marian Hossa? (NHL Bountygate) (Updated)

Dave Tippet has absolutely no control over his players or is one of the dirtiest coaches in the NHL. Coyote tough guy Paul Bissonnette got a major game misconduct for not having is sweater strapped down during game 4. An unsecured uniform means you're looking to fight. "My original thought was, there's no way he didn't have it tied down, it must have ripped," Tippett. "That wasn't the case. I'll just leave it at that."
Without star two-way forward Marian Hossa the Blackhawks lost to the Phoenix Coyotes in Overtime again 3-2.

The Coyotes are only going to win this series because based on his interview Phoenix Coach Dave Tippett apparently encourages the type of "border-line criminal" hit Raffi Torres did to Marian Hossa.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told Suntimes reporter Mike Sneed, “It was borderline criminal conduct. The guy [Torres] was acting insane. He was cursing the fans and pointing his stick at them. What Torres did could jeopardize two careers and two livelihoods.”

But, it's hockey. Before game 4, Dave Tippett played every meatball hockey goon card available. Follow the link to listen to Dave Tippett's shameful defend "my guy" interview, where he snidely defends and tactically condones the vicious illegal and probably criminal play of Raffi Torres. It's a fast game! You've never played! It's a tough game. It's fast. Hard hits are tradition. Other hits were worse. It's easy to second-guess with the TV replay. And so forth...
"The thing about TV is you can slow it down and you can click and click and click it. When you're out there on the ice, it's not slowed down and click, click, click. It's a fast game."
Tippett invented his own new branch of physics to explain the movement of bodies,
"But, when two players collide, both of them automatically go in the air."
This is the Newton's Fourth Law, when a body in motion hits another body the two automatically go up in the air. Gravity needs to stop violating Dave Tippett's physics.
"Raffi's coming hard, but the hit? He's in the air, both players go in the air."
Yes, Raffi is in the air because he launched himself at Hossa with the explicit intent of hitting him and hurting him.

But, Tippett then went full asshole claiming Raffi Torres had no other choice then to hit Hossa.
"You tell Raffi Torres that when he turned that way and all of a sudden a guy's right in front of him... How you gonna stop?"
All of a sudden? Torres targeted Hossa and either Tippett knows that and is covering because he asked him to or Tippett is just a blatant protect my guy no matter what liar.

But, the final insult from Tippett, which goes a long way to showing he knows it was a dirty illegal hit but probably encouraged it was when he was asked if it was a clean hit, "Did I say it was a clean hit?"

Dave Tippett and Phoenix GM Dan Maloney suffer from Moral Relativism. Maloney tweeted afterwards that the reaction from the Chicago media was overblown because it wasn't like Torres hit Hossa with his stick... Just a flying shoulder purposefully targeted to the jaw.

That is the true problem with this hit and the the way Dave Tippett and Dan Maloney and possibly Gary Bettman and Brendan Shanahan apparently view Hockey. Unless the league begins to view these hits as what they really are attempts to severely injure other players for the purpose of winning a stupid game, then the NHL is doomed.

Fortunately and hopefully, the NHL will flounder and a new league will replace it.


Green Eagle said...

"But it's hockey"

I think those three little words explain it all.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Dan Bernstein and Terry Boers do an excellent impression of Hockey fans when they affect a meatball Chicago super fan accent and state 'At least they don't got dem tattoos and flat brim hats and gold chains!'