Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Obama's Excellent Libyan Adventure or Bush's Bogus Iraq Journey

America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. ~ John Q. Adama

"Excellent!" ~ Bill and Ted

"Who do you think? The Libyans!" ~ Emmett "Doc" Brown, Back to the Future

"Bogus..." ~ Bill and Ted
So, the Libyan Rebels have entered Triploi, taken over Mohamar Gaddafi's compound and are searching for Gaddafi, who is still at large. Clearly, his reign over Libya is at an end.

Well, I as a regular single American citizen was against any intervention into Libya, but Barack Obama is President and claimed the US aided NATO mission was necessary to first stop a general massacre of the Libyan people and then as a way to aid the Libyan peoples' efforts at ousting Gaddafi.

I don't have a Constitutional problem with the President's decision to use the US military because Congress long ago abrogated their power in that area. If Congress wants that power back they need to exert it, not wait. But, this current Republican led House has been trying furiously to figure out a way to cut funding for the Libya mission while maintaining their America Military=Freedom bona fides.

However, the successful operation has highlighted a long known fact about the Republican Party. They don't give a shit about Freedom, they don't give a shit about the military and veterans and they don't give a shit about fiscal responsibility.

Long ago the Republicans staked a claim to being the experts on military matters. This current crop of crap GOP leaders and their follow on protege's however, have little and in most cases, zero military experience. The Republicans learned during Vietnam that it was better to be Pro-War while staying as far away from the fighting as possible. So to that effort they created the homefront efforts, 101st Keyboard Commandos and Chicken Hawk Warmongers who rally round the flag, pound their chests and eschew military service.

But, the current Libyan question struck right at the heart of the Republican chicken hawk nonsense. If the GOP was in favor of Freedom and fiscal responsibility they would be ecstatic that a NATO-led coalition aided by American airpower but led on the ground by Libyan "rebels" is winning over Gaddafi. But they are not. In fact, the Republicans and conservatives see two options over Obama's Libyan Intervention; Threaten Impeachment or send out John McCain and Lindsey Graham to complain the 5-month operation took too long. So, much for the In what respect, Charlie? so-called Bush Freedom Agenda.

Given the choice between a 5 month, successful strategic mission, with ZERO American casualties or a bloated invasion based on lies and selective interpretation of intelligence, 8 years and counting occupation with an open ended commitment, enormous bases, a city-sized embassy compound, over 4000 dead soilders, 25,000 officially wounded in action, and 6 Trillion dollars of stolen taxpayer dollars, the conservatives choose the latter.

Anyone not teabagging themselves knew the Bush Doctrine was a veneer for the biggest theft of wealth ever accomplished in American history, as the Bush/Cheney Regime used the Iraq War to steal billions for themselves and their cronies and political masters.

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