Monday, March 2, 2009

Rush' s Triumph*

The world is full of compromise, and infinite red tape
But the music's got the magic, it's your one chance for escape ~ Magic Power, Triumph

I loved the Rush song Magic Power for years. It doesn't get much airplay anymore in the post-grunge, indie rock dominated music scene even on Chicago-land Classic Rock Stations like The Drive.

I figured the song came from the late 70's since musically it shared much in common with the Boston, Kansas and (as my friend Ran pointed out Styx) sound of that era. But, oddly, when I remembered to look for them at a Sam Goody's or Tower Records I could never find it on any Rush "albums".

Enter the Age of Information Access. I looked them up on iTunes and discovered these hard to find Rush songs were written by some band called Triumph. Triumph? Who the hell are those guys? Reading the biography it turns out my confusion was caused by the fact Triumph emerged as a power trio from Canada the same as Rush and possessed a similar sound. Triumph are responsible for a few great songs (Fight the Good Fight and Lay it on the Line) I recall from the early 80's. And ta boot Triumph became recent additions to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Yeah, iTunes! Yeah Triumph!

*- I bet you thought this was a post about the Distended Flabby Sack of Crap, but I'm banning myself from writing about that thrice divorced, drug addicted, sex tourist who mocks and insults the disabled ever again. For that you must go to the Huffington Post or Media Matters R. Limbaugh Page. Nor shall Rush be besmirched by having their name confused with the bloated R. Limbaugh.

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Connecticut Man1 said...

I always preferred Max Webster and April Wine. But Rush and Triumph were pretty darn good too.