Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I have no duty to respect islam. I am not a muslim. islam is an idea whose time has passed. islam and it's history is not immune to criticism, to discussion, or to ridicule. I do have a responsiblty to respect my fellow man however, how far does that respect go?

There currently exists another charge of Blasphemy by muslims, this time against Wikipedia.

This is a depiction of mohammed:
-|- is a picture of mohammed. Have I just committed blasphemy?

This is riduculous. Blasphemy is a made up crime by ignorant leaders who use it to deflect critcism from their failed policies. islamic leaders enrich and indulge themselves and keep their populations in poverty and to deflect their anger, outside enemies have to be created.

Hence the Danish cartoon controversy. After the initial publication there was no worldwide outcry, but a group of Imams in Denmark (who had been granted sanctuary by the Danish Government) added 3 fake cartoons they created and toured the world looking for support.

The governments of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Pakistan and others had a conveint fall guy to cover for their countries lack of infrastructure, education, medical facilities and hope. And tons of Danish flags were rushed into the region for burning. Of course, since the Danish flag has a cross on it they were disrespecting christians, but this received little attention.

Thus far it has not exploded into murderous violence as in the norm for these types of demonstrations.

I hope Wikipedia doesn't give in, but I also hope any editors whose identities are known get themselves a handgun.

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