Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Inculcating Ignorance

I just watched this video today from Rocketboom. The worst thing about the video is the stultifying and poisoning of a young mind. Instead of teaching the child to think critically belief in wish-thinking is implanted, the child is brainwashed just as the older ladies were when they were young.

The women are clinging to an outdated theory. The theory Evil exists on earth because Man has not properly interpreted the Mind of God. This is a theory first advanced in Man's pre-literate history to explain why bad things happen to those who seem to be blameless. Since, it's creation this theory has undergone many changes, but the problem is today we have better theories to explain the phenomenon.

America is not in trouble because they have strayed from God's word but because the rise of the military-industrial-complex, the creation of an education system which teaches "worship" of the flag and of authority, ignorance of America's true history, politicians who use religion to gain power and from all the problems which stem from a lack of teaching people to distinguish between fairy tales and reality.

Of course, the lines about Barack Obama, which the first woman heard from "one of her church members who is keeping up on what his (Obama's) comments are" highlight the of fear-mongering lies spread by a political machine until they are repeated so often enough they become "fact".

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