Thursday, November 17, 2022

sQueaker of the House Qevin McCarthy and Qrazy Qult of Qonservatives

"Bakersfield? Bakersfield! BAKERSFIELD!!!"
The Zombie Republican Party secured enough US House seats to be the majority in the 2022 elections.  Of course, Corporate Media and rightwing propaganda was working overtime before the election, predicting a 2010 60 seat blowout by Republicans, mainly, because the media's job is to get Republicans elected and make their fascist agenda palatable to the masses. However, when Americans vote, especially the Millennial Zoomer Generation, Republicans lose. Which is why you hear various rightwing assholes screaming about not letting 18-29 year olds vote anymore.

The final total of Republicans in the House is likely to be 219 or 220, including the odious Lauren Boebert. But, since no one likes, Kevin McCarthy it's not yet assured he'll be Speaker. The soulless GQP ghouls will demand the QAnon Platform of MAGA intolerance, oppression, bigotry, elimination of Civil Rights, and the enshrinement of Corporate Hegemony be accomplished immediately and McCarthy won't have any margin in the House.

Of course, the House Republicans are going to conduct all sorts of investigations. Hunter Biden will be blamed for all manner of things and Faux News is going to call for his arrest. But, really we shouldn't care. President Biden having learned appeasing and appealing to Republicans sense of duty is fool-hardy, apparently, has assembled a team to combat these frivolous attacks by Republican psychos

Also, remember what Republicans seek to do is to demonize Joe Biden for saying this to Hunter,
"It's Dad. I called to tell you I love you. I love you more than the whole world, pal. You gotta get some help. I don't know what to do. I know you don't either, but I am here no matter what you need, no matter what you need, I love you." Joe Biden to Hunter in a voicemail from 2018.  There is no depths to Republican depravity and inhumanity.

But, besides the vindictive attacks on the Biden's, the House GQP will vote to disband the FBI, declare Afghanistan all Joe's fault, hold Dr Fauci responsible for Covid, and simply not pass any funding bills.  But, most troubling of all is how openly Republicans talk about repealing birth control and reducing women to sex slavery and second class citizen status. 

Because, understand the Republican Party has nothing to offer the American people; their entire platform is the diminution of rights, the reduction of the US standard living, the elimination of education, the retrograde movement of the United States back to an unfree Nation of Slavery and subjugation.

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