Saturday, November 12, 2022

Did you every notice Republicans don't talk about the GWoT anymore? Let Us Not Forget Armistice Day

As we solemnly recall the 11th of November, I pause to thank President Biden for a second consecutive Armistice/Veterans Day without an open US overseas conflict.  No new VFW memberships will be filled today.

But, besides the half-hearted ThankyouforyourService bromides you can't find a conservative today who talks about the Veterans of the Global War on Terror or the Iraq War or Afghanistan.  20 years ago Republicans and Rightwingers declared the so-called War on Terror the single most titanic clash of civilizations since the Cold War and the defining monumental struggle of the 21st century.  Today, nothing...

It's one of the most shameful actions of mass forgetting by Rightwingers in US History.  Additionally, while I don't slam Democrats who couldn't stand against the tide of war back then I understand it's de rigueur to claim the Democrats weren't even a tepid non-resistance to the Rush to War and were more than willing accomplices.  The cool cynics ape the declaration that there is one party in America; the War Party with two branches (left and right).  

But, let's be clear any candidate who was against the AUMF didn't stand a chance in 2004, yes Bernie Bros, beloved Bernie Sanders didn't run for President in 2004 because he knew he'd be annihilated.  And yes Racist Ron Paul's rEVOLution didn't come out until 2008. And Republicans ran on WAR in the 2002 midterms and won. 

But, by 2016 the Corporate Media was more than willing to let Rightwingers engage in the time honored America tradition of revisionist history and cast the blame for the GWoT mainly onto President Obama and HRC.  No one should forget the Maureen Dowd ridiculous too cute alliteration column Donald the Dove, Hillary the Hawk.

By 2021, after not covering the Afghan War for years when President Biden extricated the United States from Afghanistan Dick Engel raged at the loss of his War Boner and news agencies cultivated Lara Logan's insanity as the Corporate Media declared the End of the Occupation after 20 fucking years to be the greatest blunder in US foreign policy ever.  It was shameless and ridiculous, untrue and galling.  So if you think the Corporate Media would have laid off an anti-War candidate instead of constantly hounding anyone who stood against the GWoT in 2002 and 2004 you're either fooling yourself or a fool.

In fact, the only Republicans who talk about the War on Terror today are those running for office who inflate, exaggerate, and lie about their service records.  J.R. Majewski, that doughy lard-ass, continued to claim throughout the year his deployments are sooooooo classified that he can't show them to anyone after it was shown he completely lied about his military service.  Tyler Kistner in Minnesota was caught claiming combat experience when he had none.  Kistner, who claimed 4 combat tours took a page from Majewski and claimed his military action was so sensitive, "even basic details could help foreign adversaries."

This is really shameless.  But, Majewski and Kistner still received over 100,000 votes in their respective House races, though both fortunately lost.  But, I did't expect any rightwinger to not vote for these two Republican Liars.  Rightwingers are sheep and drones.  Remember every accusation by a rightwinger is a confession, they only care about power.  Rightwingers long ago jettisoned their so-called values, ethics, morals, beliefs, all that matters to them now is gaining the power of government to enforce their agenda of hatred, intolerance, and oppression.

Terrorist Fist Jab
So, understand The Military writ large isn't actually a bastion of conservatives anymore, even if psychotic Rightwing lunatics infest the ranks of Admirals and Generals..  It's not the Reagan 1980's anymore.  The majority of veterans in the 21st century are liberal.  The majority of Veterans and active duty voted for Joe Biden in 2020.    

Republicans and Rightwingers don't represent America anymore and have nothing to offer the American people but, violence and lies.  Veterans and active duty service members know and can sense this and it's why Republicans are steadily drifting away from helping and addressing Veterans issues and why in the 2022 elections Wisconsin Republicans committed election fraud via military ballots and sought to throw out overseas military ballots.

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