Monday, October 31, 2022

Election Denalism in 2022 will be the first domino to fall in the Republican plan to topple America democracy

Jim Oberweis attends the 2021 
Freshman Congressman Orientation
Oberweis lost to Rep Lauren Underwood

"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal," Et Voila  the 2022 Republican Multi-State Platform making it harder to vote.

Republicans have known for a long time when more people vote they lose.  So, Republicans decided long ago less people deserve to vote.  Here in Illinois, Downstate Republican racist Mike Bost is suing in Federal Court to challenge the 2015 Illinois vote-by-mail law, which allows for ballots received 14 days after Election Day to be counted if they are post-marked on or before the final day of voting.  Ballots lacking a postmark can still be counted if the voter dated and signed the ballot before Election Day.

Why do you think the Republican Party seeks to destroy the US Postal Service?  And hey sure Mike Bost of Illinois' lawsuit would disenfranchise military members serving overseas but, then Republicans have always treated the military as disposable RISK tokens to be used and abused in the eternal rightwing quest for power.

In Nevada this summer, Cowboys for Trump Couy Griffin pressured officials in Otero CountyCowboys for Trump Couy Griffin pressured officials in Otero County, to eliminate election ballot boxes and voting machines alleging this could be used for Fraud.  The use of ballot boxes and voting machines is prescribed by Nevada State Law.  But, voting laws don't matter to Republicans because know the more people who vote the more they lose.  These are just two examples but they all stem from the same rotten well-spring.

As I watched election night 2020 and President Biden's election victory became clear, I waited up to hear MSNBC or CNN or even FTFNYT call the election yet... they did not... Even after Faux News called Arizona for President Biden, and it was an absolute certainty and in Kellyanne Conway's words a "Landslide." "Blowout." "Historic.", the Corporate Media dithered.  For days.  Into that void, Trump and his cadre of Rightwing villains and criminals crafted the Big Lie, the one lie to rule them all. 

“What is the downside for humoring him for this little bit of time? No one seriously thinks the results will change,” the official said. “He went golfing this weekend. It’s not like he’s plotting how to prevent Joe Biden from taking power on Jan. 20. He’s tweeting about filing some lawsuits, those lawsuits will fail, then he’ll tweet some more about how the election was stolen, and then he’ll leave.” Of course, it was easy to see Violence coming after Trump's decisive defeat in 2020.  We had rightwing violence throughout 2020.  Then the Clown Car Coup d'etat attempt of January 6th.  Now more Violence to Follow

I guarantee you that by the end of the decade January 6th will be Second Independence Day.

All across the Country, Republicans are running on a platform of The Big Lie.  But, worse than that Republicans are implying and sometimes explicitly saying they will not abide by elections and will regard their defeats as ipso facto Fraudulent. 

Now, election denialists are rampant throughout the Republican Party; many are running for high level office.  Common wisdom is Republicans, being the party out of power during a mid-term election will take over Congress.  So, as the election results roll-in and the results are more favorable to the Democrats than thought what will the Republicans do?  Why they will deny they lost and declare themselves the Real Victors.  So... what's going to happen when these Republican losers descend upon Washington DC and declare themselves the Real Congressmen?  What is going to happen when Republicans demand an injunction declaring votes are causing irreparable harm to them?  What happens when Republicans openly declare that only they are Legitimate Government?  

Well, the Corporate Media is fascism curious so don't expect them to help.  And The Unconstitutional Sheriff's of America are yearning to insert themselves into election, seize Voting Machines, arrest "suspicious" voters, and exert their absolute power in their respective counties to declare who is the rightful member of Congress.  And rightwingers across America are waiting for Fvcker Carlson to declare Democratic victories in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin illegitimate so they can emulate the Kidnapping plots of Governor Wittmer or the assassination attempts of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Fvcker Carlson has already preemptively declared Kari Lake's defeat in Arizona and Mehmet Oz's defeat in Pennsylvania fraudulent.

So... what can we expect?  Well, there is still time to vote before Tuesday, November 8th.  Please do so.  It should be obvious Republicans will spend their time seeking ways to limit voting, to restrict access to voting facilities, to undermining peoples franchise.  Republicans have no intention of governing.  And they haven't for a long time.  Besides disenfranchising American voters, Republicans other goals are to destroy public education, oppress minority groups, outlaw the existence of Trans persons, and led by Committee Chairwoman Major Traitor Greene investigate any corporation who stopped donating money to Republicans after Second Independence Day while eliminating all regulations and restraints on the rapacious capitalist corporations who toe-the-lie and aid the Republicans in their agenda of oppression and intolerance.  

More Violence to Come.

So vote like your life depends upon it... and then Get Ready to fight for your lives...because Republicans and Rightwingers are coming for them.

The inestimable Rachel Maddow dissects the MAGA Republicans worldview on Election Denial as a core tenet of the new Trumpublican Platform. 

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