Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Donald Trump continues the Republican tradition of Pissing on Veterans

Donald Trump has scammed Veterans Groups. This is not a surprise because Donald Trump's entire business model is scamming people out of money. Veterans are just another mark for Donald Trump to steal from. But, when called on it Trump executed a standard right-wing pivot and blamed the Media. Of course, pointing this out to the Trumpenproletariet is a useless endeavor. Criticism of Trump serves to reinforce his supporters defense of Trump, especially when the "sleazy" or "nasty" Liberal Media is doing the criticism.

Trump won over conservatives when he began his campaign by appealing to right-wingers sense of victimhood. Trump's blatant racism, mysogyny, and bigotry is what conservatives have yearned to hear for decades. Conservatives are no longer assauged by dog-whistles, conservatives are no longer satisfied with that svelte Southern Gentleman Newt Gingrich saying,
"I’m assuming that there’s some rhythm to Barack Obama that the rest of us don’t understand. Whether he needs large amounts of rest, whether he needs to go play basketball for a while or watch ESPN..." 
It's a reaction by the Reactionaries. While the last two generations of conservatives had to get along with oblique references to racism, 'State's Rights', 'Busing', 'Welfare' and so forth; Today's conservatives have had enough! Today's conservative is very, very angry they've been "shackled" by America's PC Culture and want to go back to yelling Ni[clang], Ni[clang], Ni[clang] while cheering on the police as they choke and shoot black people.

One need look no further than the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a safe space where conservatives feel free to let their Confederate Battle Flags Fly.

At CPAC 2012, two White "Rappers" Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch at CPAC 2012 laid down a dope rap. When their rap-song "Mr. America" reached it's apex they yelled Ni-[clang], pretending they we're saying “knickers.” Then when the crowd groaned they responded,
"What? Knickers? I can say ‘knickers’ because I wear knickers.” 
Eeriely at CPAC 2013, a discussion panel was entitled: Trump the Race Card: Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Called A Racist When You Know You’re Not One?

Also at CPAC 2013, a spokesman for the Frederick Douglass Republicans, K. Carl Smith, was brought into CPAC to provide cover and excuses to conservative racists in attendence.

While Smith spoke, a conservative named Scott Terry while flanked by his Confederate-flag festooned compatriot Matthew Heimbach, rose to complain the Republican Party was alienating, "young Southern white males" and minorities were "systematically disenfranchising” him and whites. Terry then scoffed when Smith spoke of Frederick Douglass forgiving his former slave masters and replied,  "For giving him shelter? And food?"

Donald Trump has simply removed the filters. His supporters (i.e. Conservatives) are incensed over Political Correctness. This Atlantic piece an interview between Connor Friesdorf and a Right-Wing 22 year old white San Franciso resident covers the entire culture of aggrieved wimpy white victimhood. Here are few excerpts;
  • For me personally, it's resistance against what San Francisco has been, and what I see the country becoming, in the form of ultra-PC culture.
  • I don't know how to describe it, exactly, but I feel in a lot of ways that my identity as a white man is shamed. 
  • If Hillary wins, we're going to see a further tightening of PC culture. But if Trump wins? If Trump wins, we will have a president that overwhelmingly rejects PC rhetoric. Even better, we will show that more than half the country rejects this insane PC regime.
  • But I see this overwhelming PC culture, especially online. I get frustrated by the dialogue of letting immigrants into the country without control, letting Black Lives Matter protest without consequence... 
  • With Hillary Clinton, we have a stable America, sure, but one where we have to police what we say in fear of being fired by an overly liberal manager. With Trump maybe we can restore some sanity to this country and fight back against this PC craze.
While I've gone far afield from Trump's despicable but, typical right-wing use of Veterans the key is nothing is going to dissaude conservatives from voting for Trump. Despite the fact he doesn't possess any of the characteristics (Business success, Military Experience, or strong Family Values) supposedly necessary to be a True Conservative and fetishized by right-wingers. Donald Trump does check off one esstential quality conservatives demand from their politicans; Unabashed Racism. 


Anonymous said...

Bush cut Veteran's budget during the Iraq war. That was worse. Then Obama got blamed when the Veteran medical scandal hit. Americans are slow and Trump has them hoodwinked.

Grung_e_Gene said...

There is literally nothing Trump could say or any revelation about him and his money stealing scams that will make conservatives withhold a vote from him. Nothing! Not his incestuous lusting after his daughter, not his multiple bankruptcies, not his using emminent domain to kick WWII war widows out of their homes, not his Trump University grift. Nothing!

But, anonymous, you're right about W(orst Ever) harming veterans more than Trump, thus far. Using Troops as props is something Trump inherited W and Cheney, who trotted out veterans as cover for their War Crimes and the theft of Trillions from the American People.

One Fly said...

And few give a shit. LTFO

Grung_e_Gene said...

One Fly, Conservatives don't give a shit because their true most hated enemy are Liberals. Conservatives will jettison every one of their so-called principles to harm liberals. Conservatives will abandon their ardently held beliefs for a chance to get liberals. Right-Wingers will sacrifice any number of people to hurt liberals. Conservatism is defined as being against anything liberals want, updated daily.