Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Conservatives wished Robert Dear killed more people at Planned Parenthood

Now, that a few days have passed Faux News has picked up the White Man's Burden and begun the slow and steady justification of the Domestic Terror Attack on Planned Parenthood.

Right-Wingers follow a set pattern in their process of justifying these incidents of right-wing violence. And groups who ostensibly are not supposed to be right or left are always shown to be front groups for the advancement of white conservative power, because there is no pushback by the Pro-Police #Bluelivesmatter, who should conceivably be upset a Police Officer was killed, but in reality is just another right-wing group dedicated to pushing for white power.

First is misdirection, the conservative internet was awash in bullshit claiming this was a bank robbery and had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood. Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger was brought on CNN to demand Planned Parenthood apologize while the terrorist attack was still unfolding. Afterwards, the Media aided conservatives by playing, 'Oh goodness we don't know what the motivations might be...' for 2 days.

Next comes accusation. Cuban Refugee and potential Communist Infiltrator Ted Cruz jumped in on Jim Hoft's claim that Robert Lewis Dear is actually a "Transgendered leftist activist". The proof of this is a claim by Hoft, is that Dear is registered "female" on his voter registration in North Carolina. But, this tactic is a dual-edged sword because the Conservatives whole-heartedly agree with murdering people who do not adhere to their rigid ideology of hatred, oppression and intolerance.

So, then comes endorsement. Bill O'Reilly when talking about the attacks on Planned Parenthood, devoted his talk show intro to justifying his demonization and call to kill Doctor George Tiller and accentuated words like deserved while Bill-O echoed Robert Lewis Dear by claiming PP is in the "baby parts business".

Meanwhile, the entire conservative media infrastructure is playing the tired old tune, 'Biased liberal media! Biased liberal Media!' Conservative Power must always be served. And conservatives are more than willing to sacrifice anyone, even their so-called revered heroes (Veterans and Cops) to advance their Agenda. Toma over at Sick Horses captured the tweets of Republican Presidential Candidates which showed a remarkable lack of acknowledgment, let alone condemnation, of the Right-Wing Domestic Terror Attack.

And this whole right-wing kabuki dance has one goal in mind, to allow conservatives to wash their hands of any guilt and allow the right-wing wurlitizer to go back into cranking up the conservative domestic terrorists for their next attack. It's the same pattern they follow in murders of black people, although in those cases conservatives viciously slander the dead African-American victim (even if it's a child) with a non-stop smear campaign to justify the murder.

Because what Faux News is doing is letting every liberal, minority, woman, or LBGTQ person in America know that it's open season on them. Faux News is torquing up their pack of "lone wolves" and letting them loose on society. And after a right-wing white terrorist murders you, Faux News and the Conservative Internet will celebrate your death and call for more.

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