Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vicious Conservatives have broken the Social Contract in order to shred the Social Safety Net

The Guard Dogs of the Plutocracy, the Republican Party in the 114th Congress are tasked with destroying the Holy Grail of the Social Safety Net, Social Security. Thus, they immediately took up the task of swindling the 99% out of their earned benefits by setting disabled Americans against elderly Americans.

By the end of 2016, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, which benefit 11 million disabled Americans, will be facing a budget hole, so of course, the Republicans are using this opportunity and their Congressional control to change the way funds are transferred between Social Security to SSDI. The Republican changes demand any transfers to Disability funds must be accompanied by benefit cuts or tax increases.

Republicans have no problem using Legerdermain and chicanery to accomplish the goals of their Rich Masters. Vicious Conservatives are out to swindle Social Security in order to remove any hope of help for poor retired Americans or those unable to work due to injury and illness.
"Our preference has always been that the depletion of the DI trust fund become the impetus for comprehensive Social Security reform," Ed Lorenzen, senior advisor to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.
Vicious Conservatives, their Libertarian "intellectuals" and Republican Masters seek nothing less than the return of the Feudal System in which Corporate Monsters like Duke Energy, AmWay and Koch Industries are in charge of huge swaths of the Nation-State beholden to no government, constrained by no regulations and free to crush the working class under the iron heel of wage slavery and corporate bondage.

Right-Wingers readily go along with this because they no longer see a compact with their fellow Americans. They've been conditioned to view 47% of their countrymen as moochers. They've been lead to believe Republicans will stop "those people" from stealing Social Security. They'd rather Let'em Die.

But, Republicans can not tell their duped right-wing drones that they are actually out to destroy Social Security entirely, including for them, so they lie about saving it and return to the tried and true method of warning them of "fraud".

Congressman P90X Ryan who benefited from Social Security as a teenager, when his father died, wants to pull the Ladder Up and make sure it isn't there for poor Americans but, doesn't want to be known as the Granny-Starving Congressman, so the Ways and Means Chairman sent his sub-chairman Republican Representative Sam Johnson to proclaim SSDI is "fraud-plagued",
"This program cannot afford more fraud. It is only a matter of time when Congress may be asked to bailout this program with the retirement side having to come to the rescue. If that is the case then all taxpayers and beneficiaries will shoulder the crime wave."
The crime wave? Ridiculous. What Republicans think is a crime is that Poor and Working Class people have protections from Vandal Capitalists. So, they are fervently working to remove that protection.

Without any Government protection, you and your fellow working class members will have No Shield from rapacious capitalists who see no country and no countrymen. To them there are only assets and liabilities.

So what are you going to do when Koch Industries dumps 4000 tons of Petcoke on your doorstep? Whom will you turn to for assistance when a pipeline bursts and floods your drinking water with sweet, sweet crude oil? How will you eat when Social Security is declared insolvent after the next Wall Street implosion? What hopes for redress will you get when Obamacare is repealed and you're denied medical care for your pre-existing condition?

You will have none; just as the Republican Lap Dogs of the 1% intend. Getting rid of Social Security and having their duped vicious Conservative drones aid them will help the Republican Party shackle Americans with the chains of Wage Slavery.


One Fly said...

It's coming sure as shit. Few care and less know and almost all don't want to kn ow anyway.

Wait till they have the oval office.

Grung_e_Gene said...

No doubt it's coming One Fly. But, the right-wing footsoldiers who are happily carrying the water for the Oppressors, i.e. the Republicans, have pretty much made it known they will be comfortable with their status as overseers and lash masters for the Plutocracy.

One Fly said...

Never in my life did I think this would ever happen but we are at that point very possibly. Sure seems to be the case to me. What a shitty message.

And people on the left continue to poke fun at these people. There's little humor in this that I see.

They end up with the three branches being run by the likes of what we see today - America will be no more. I do not think that is a stretch at all.

Patricia said...

P90X Ryan, well at least you made me laugh. But the rest of it really isn't funny. Not only is the Social Contract gone, but I haven't heard the words "public servant" or "public good" in a long time. Because those days are gone. Conservatives have brought us a war on drugs, ignored the AIDS Epidemic, brought us deregulation, defunded mental health programs, just to name a few. They have no vision, no empathy, no foresight. Our children will pay a heavy price for this. I don't think I'll see any pushback in my lifetime, but one day Americans will rebel against this Conservative sickness, it's just going to have to get a lot more painful. GO ahead and let them take Social Security away and tell people to eat cake. History tells us, that won't go over too well.

Jerry Critter said...

I am sure that republicans believe breaking a contract is simply a business decision.

Grung_e_Gene said...

One Fly,
Faux News is realy pushing Scott Walker and once it's decided he's the nominee the entire weight of right-wing propaganda and Koch will make sure it's a point of pride that regular guy Walker is being attacked by those pointy-headed leftists.

Conservatives are aching deep down in their shriveled souls to be given a reason to slaughter liberals, minorities and government workers. If the Republicans do try a Reactionary Coup and reorganization of the US with more explicit Plutocratic Control they are assured of a Right-Wing Paramilitary Response (e.g. Oathkeepers) to enforce it via violence and blood shed.

Jerry Critter,
It's always been "good" business to screw the poor and use the awesome power of government to dominate and extract wealth from them.