Friday, May 30, 2014

Pizza is Nutritious, says Papa John's Owner. Too bad he doesn't make Pizza.

Papa John's CEO John Schnatter is attempting to counter the negative publicity his Company has gotten due to Schnatter's disgusting political views and the investigation into Wage Theft at multiple Papa John's franchises.

During an interview with Inc, Schnatter asserted, "Pizza's nutritious, it's good for you."

Perhaps John, sadly the tomato sauce laden with high fructose corn syrup, sodium infused not quite cheese, soggy cardboard textured grotesqueries you produce are not pizza. They are imitation food products which impart little nutritional value but, have contributed mightily to the obesity epidemic in the United States.

And if your company was creating pies like the Art of Pizza or Pizza Rustica or Burt's Place in Morton Grove, then maybe I'd say, yes Pizza is Nutritious.

But, I thought John was supposed to Go Galt when the terrible failure that is Obamacare became law of the land?

But, of course, Schnatter isn't interested in making a better product he's interested in making more money for himself. Which is why he spends so much on advertising and marketing. Hiring Peyton Manning and paying him a couple million to hawk Papa John's Monstrosities is just putting the same shit in a new box but, then it's always been about making money for Schnatter and not making Pizza.

Contrast Papa John's with the recently hospitalized Burt Katz of Burt's Place
"I’ve run my own store for 40 years. I do all the buying, all the organizing, pay all the bills and do all the cooking. Nobody has ever cooked for me. I make sure every pizza is acceptable to sell. When you start substituting people, the standards vary and your quality promise loses value."


Jerry Critter said...

A Papa Johns opened up near us a few years ago. I bought the hype and got one of their pizzas. I ate one piece, threw the rest away, and went out to my "regular" local pizza place.

Papa Johns pizza is a POS, just like its owner.

Dervish Sanders said...

I've never purchased a Papa Johns pizza, nor would I ever, due to the owner not wanting to provide health care insurance for his workers. Also, it makes me suspicions when I see ads nonstop on the TV. Geico is another company that runs way too many ads.

That talking geco is OK. Didn't care too much for the cave men or the talking pig that dates human women.

Peyton Manning isn't going to convince me to buy a pizza, given that I am not a fan of football. It's the customer who pays for hiring him of course. He likely cost more than the digital animators for the gecco and pig plus the actress who plays Flo (many times more, I'd guess).

J.O.B. said...

Well Gene, I was forever curious where you lived. I'm guessing by your links that you are North of the border (Madison). Well, to be fair to us Southsiders I would like to give a shout out to Ta-Ta's in Mt. Greenwood, and Roseangelo's in Evergreen Park. With that said, a place like Papa John's can not thrive in a place like Chicago. It's a no contest. Family owned places like Burt's which you mentioned, or Fox's down here just put out a better product. Hell, the only Papa John's I've ever seen is in Oak Lawn. And there never seems to be anyone in there.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Jerry Critter,
Sadly, because his simulation of a pizza is so cheap, it's go to food for poor people.

Dervish Sanders,
Of course he has to advertise, without it his company would lose 9 stores in 10. It would be Sarpino's.

My beautiful partner in fact brought me to Roseangelo's in Evergreen!!! As well as Traverso's in Orland and Sanfratello's.

Tom Harper said...

Not only is pizza nutritious, but diet soda is also good for you and helps people lose weight. I learned this from a PR release by the diet soda industry, and they wouldn't lie.

Hackwhackers said...

G _ e _ G -- Schnatter didn't want to raise the price of his lousy product by 5 cents per pizza to cover his employees' health insurance. He didn't have a problem bundling gazillions for Willard in 2012, though.

ChickenHammer said...
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