Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cliven Bundy as Vanguard for the Slow Moving Right-Wing Coup to reshape America

Like a Welfare Cowboy...
Consitutional Sheriffs Organization, Sovereign Citizens, Posse Comitatus Movement, The III Percenters, Oathkeepers Oathbreakers. What do these groups have in common? They are the Right-Wing Domestic Terrorist Organizations which the Department of Homeland Security warned America about in 2009. But, that prescient report was withdrawn after Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, the Insurgents at Faux News and other elements of the Right-Wing Wurlitzer of Outrage expressed their anger at being correctly identified as terrorists.

Like many tiny sparks which lead to a great conflagration, The Cliven Bundy v. Bureau of Land Management struggle could be one of those sparks as Conservative Domestic Terrorists are itching to begin murdering employees of the Federal Government.

SE Finer in his influential 1962 book The Man on Horseback: The Role of the Military in Politics described the beliefs which drive the Sovereign Citizens, in discussing a comment by General Douglas MacArthur from 1952,
"I find in existence a new and heretofore unknown and dangerous concept that the members of our armed forces owe primary allegiance or loyalty to those who temporarily exercise the authority of the Executive Branch of Government rather than to the country and its constitution which they are sworn to defend." 
No proposition, added General MacArthur, 'could be more dangerous.' On the contrary, it is General MacArthur's view which opens Pandora's Box. The moment the military draw this distinction between nation and the government in power, the begin to invent their own private notion of the national interest, and from this it is only a skip to the constrained substitution of this view for that of the civilian government. ( ibid. pg 22-23)
Despite as I've argued, we live in a Center-Left Nation, Left-Wing agitation is unacceptable. The 1% have established powerful cabals in the Media and Government that respond only to interests of the Plutocrats while using their influence to stunt and shut down issues the Working Class cares about.

With the election of Barack Obama, the Militia Movement reached new heights surpassing even the Clinton Era. The conservative cry of Taking Back Their Country led to dozens of right-wing rallies and demonstrations and the now mature internet allowed thousands of on-line keyboard commandos to spread despicable lies and conspiracy theories.

But, this Right-Wing agitation has been carefully cultivated, like a bonsai tree, to succor and defend the interests of the Very Wealthy. When the astroturf Tea Party Movement was founded and funded by the Koch Brothers, they knew exactly what issues their Devil Spawn would agitate for; deregulation and privatization.

Conservative "Populism" is cherished because it can be reliably counted upon to be Pro-1%. 

Cliven Bundy's racist remarks about "the negro", Martin Luther King Jr, and Slavery, while standard conservative orthodoxy, are not the story, the true story is how the Right continued to defend Bundy's Sovereign Citizen beliefs.

National Review Online Kevin Williamson emailed Talking Points Memo after Bundy's Racist comments,
Mr. Bundy's racial rhetoric is lamentable and backward. It is also separate from the fundamental question here, which is the federal government's acting as an absentee landlord for nine-tenths of the state of Nevada. I very strongly suspect that most of the men who died at the Alamo held a great many views that I would find repugnant; we remember them for other reasons.
Williamson's defense is that Bundy is the imperfect messenger of the Perfect Message of Freedom and Liberty, as he equates Cliven Bundy with Davy Crockett. The Modern Conservative has absorbed the rhetoric of the Militia Movement.

While the Militiamen are eager to murder Government workers what they've been duped into fighting for is the thievery of a High Plains Grifter (stolen from c u n d gulag over at

And when the confrontation first began who did we find stoking the flames of insurrection? Why none other than Faux News.
"That's because of the Tea Party movement, all these Tim McVeigh wannabes." ~ Sean Hannity 
Sean Hannity pushed Cliven Bundy's message for weeks, urging him to get into a shooting match with Federal LEOs in order to be transformed into a Martyr and Right-Wing Saint. But, it wasn't just Hannity, Nevada Senator Dean Heller, Nevada State Republicans and conservatives across the Country felt empowered to back Bundy and the conservative domestic terrorists.

Jon Stewart has been skewering Fox and Sean Hannity for a decade, yet still millions tune in to hear the Plutocracy's Premiere Propaganda Network's message of Adulation of the Rich, using the well worn conservative tropes of bigotry, oppression and intolerance. While in the Bundy fiasco right-wingers fully supported brave Sheriff Mack and other conservative champions, who planned to hide behind women and children while killing LEOs. The so-called Fox Effect.

The Fox Effect and before the take-over of Talk Radio, has been incredibly successful in making right-wingers continually outraged while robbing them of their reason and sanity. All so the 1% could undo the Progressive Gains of the 20th Century.

Bolstered by their conservative dupes, the obscenely Rich have steadily eroded voting rights, environmental protections, and the social safety net, while stacking the courts with Tort Reform Pro-Business Judges, and passed Legislation at all levels to remove constraints on their rapacious appetite to rape the land, steal it's resources, and murder the 99% who get in their way.

And that has culminated in the slow-moving Coup, the Plutocracy has working at for generations. A Coup to rid America of Representative Democracy and replace it with a Neo-Feudalist Wage Slave State.


One Fly said...

That about sums it up. It's where we are at like it or not. I can't hardly bear to look at much and don't. It's similar to our planet being put to death.

"Oh you're so negative" I've heard so much. No not really - realist is a better word. I don't give a shit the future is grim and that's a fact and few know or give a shit in any way.

Grung_e_Gene said...

One Fly,

There comes a tipping point. For years the Republican Party used racists, christian zealots, and militias to win elections. They said racist, anti-government things to those groups to earn their votes

But, along the way those fanatics and conservative domestic terrorists where also influencing and infiltrating the hierarchy of the GOP.

And we've crested over the tipping point where the Bigots, Racists, Gun Humpers, Oathbreakers, Misogynists and Militias are the Republican Party.

WHackwhacker said...

Well said. You've got (as you've pointed out) a large, well-financed, well-organized right-wing domestic terrorist organization known as the National Rifle Association that apparently holds as self-evident the Right's privilege to use violence or the threat thereof to counter what can't achieve at the ballot box.

Meanwhile, the Democratic base yawns and can't be bothered to get to the polls in an off-year. Fucked up.

Anonymous said...

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