Saturday, March 1, 2014

Arizona's Gay Jim Crow Law and other States efforts are about using religion to enforce Bigotry

"Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion." - Rick Perry, current Governor of Texas, 2012 Republican Presidential Primary Candidate and 2016 Presidential Hopeful. 
"I think this administration has a very narrow view of the First Amendment, that first freedom, the freedom of religion. I think they see religious freedom as fine with it as long as it’s in the four walls of a church. But if it comes into workplace, the marketplace, if it comes into the public square, it’s not welcome." Family Research Council Tony Perkins complained in 2013. Of course, this is entirely correct, what you do in your church or home is fine but, forcing your religion onto someone in the public arena is not welcome or lawful.
Homosexuality is an abomination before GOD and man.  The Bible states this in plain English! - (emphasis as in the original) standard comment by a conservative in response to the pushback of right-wing efforts to get Discrimination codified into law as well as, highlighting Tea Party ignorance.
I wasn't going to address the Arizona Gay Jim Crow Law, but after Jan Brewer vetoed the bill the Right-Wing Wurlitzer of Outrage kicked into gear.

Ben Shapiro, the inheritor of Breitbart's Empire of Lies and Bigotry, wrote indecipherable tweets which all culminated in a cry of Fascism.

Racist Limpbaugh blathered something or other about bullying on his odious radio program. Bryan Fischer and other rabid right-wingers complained of the "Homo-Fascism" using the power of government to make the faithful engage in sin. The conservative reaction is predictable because these bills speak to the very core of what it means to be a Conservative.

Judson Phillips, of Tea Party Nation, warned of the incoming tyranny of Penis cakes. But, Judson did hit upon the key issue at play;
The issue can be boiled down to one word: Freedom.
A free man or woman controls their labor. A slave has no control over their labor. A free man or woman decides who they will work for and under what conditions. The slave cannot.
As did Eric Erickson,
In December of 1865, the several American states ratified the 13th amendment, constitutionally ending involuntary servitude in the United States. In the 21st century, Americans are coming full circle. In a number of states, a black man can again be forced by the government to work involuntarily for a white man.
The Arizona SB1062 Law along with the other legislation proposed by rabid Right-Wing Legislatures are fundamental extensions of two core components of conservative ideology; Oppression and Intolerance. While also being tangentially related to the third core component, Adulation of the Rich.

These laws are very much about Freedom. They are designed to give conservatives the freedom to impose their religious beliefs on you, while also granting them the freedom to openly discriminate while operating in the public sphere.

But, they don't want you to know that's what their doing so they couch their bigotry under the guise of religious liberty.

These laws are backed by the same people that want to give business owners the ability to decide what medical care you are allowed to receive and how you spend your earned wages.

Recall they made the same bogus "religious liberty" argument during their evil struggle against the PPACA. So, if a Business Owner doesn't believe in blood transfusions or antibiotics because of his sincere religious beliefs conservatives want to give them the right to deny you that medical coverage. If a Business Owner doesn't consume pork, conservatives want to give them the right to ensure you aren't spending your wages on bacon.

Because conservatives believe in and want a return to Slavery. Republican voters are comprised of Bigots and Billionaires, Misogynists and Millionaires so Corporate Bondage and Oppression brought about by the awesome power of government euphemistically crouched under the guise of religious liberty suits both demographics.

Of course, the only reason Brewer vetoed this law and Republicans in Arizona began to back-track was financial. Apple and several other businesses voiced concerns over doing business in Arizona and the NFL not so discretely implied the 2015 Super Bowl would be moved from Arizona if the law was adopted.

So, Conservatives are inadvertently being honest when they claim this issue is actually about Freedom. Conservatives hate Freedom and what they seek is nothing less than an abolition of Freedom, Democracy and Liberty and an enshrinement of the Ultra-Reactionary Neo-Feudalist Wage Slavery State.


I.P Freely said...

"Do not sleep with a man as you would a woman. This is an abomination." That means, be true to yourself. If you are gay, be gay. If your are not gay, don't pretend. That is the abomination. That bible vs. applies only to people who are not gay. Georgia new State Slogan: Georgia welcomes, ops I meant Georgia discriminates you.

Jerry Critter said...

The only way to stop conservative actions is to hit them in their pocketbook. They don't care who they hurt, but they will protect their money at all costs.

J.O.B. said...

You said penis cake Gene. LOLOLOL

ChickenHammer said...

Your posts bounce around making points like a meth addict doing yard work Gene but I figure what the heck I'll still go ahead and comment on some of them.

A free man or woman controls their labor. A slave has no control over their labor. A free man or woman decides who they will work for and under what conditions. The slave cannot.

Yeah. I've controlled the price of my labor since my early teens when I unloaded trucks at our farmers market. We negotiated our price with the truck driver and I turned down plenty of jobs that didn't pay what I thought they were worth. The difference between $3.00 and $5.00 was big to me back then. A lot of other kids would do the truck for $3.00 but I never did.

Of course, the only reason Brewer vetoed this law and Republicans in Arizona began to back-track was financial.

Of course it came down to money. Money rules the world. The financial threats were enough the same legislative representatives who wrote the bill asked the governor to veto it. Liberal or conservative doesn't matter when money is on the line. Both sides worship the dollar.

Zarathustra said...

some bullets are desperately needed....