Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just like Koch Work, more Fascist Decrees from the Koch Brothers (would you like Fries with that Fascism?)

You don't understand... We mean you no harm... We seek peaceful co-existence... - Star Trek: The Next Generation, Conspiracy

The Koch Brothers have a plan for 100% employment in the United States: Slavery!

No, no, no! Don't get all excited. Charles Koch took time away from telling Scott Walker what to do and not paying Taxes in Kansas to explain how paying Poor people money for their work is actually harming them;
We want to do a better job of raising up the disadvantaged and the poorest in this country, rather than saying ‘Oh, we’re just fine now.’ We’re not saying that at all. What we’re saying is, we need to analyze all these additional policies, these subsidies, this cronyism, this avalanche of regulations, all these things that are creating a culture of dependency. And like permitting, to start a business, in many cities, to drive a taxicab, to become a hairdresser. Anything that people with limited capital can do to raise themselves up, they keep throwing obstacles in their way. And so we’ve got to clear those out. Or the minimum wage. Or anything that reduces the mobility of labor.
See, it would be better if Businesses could pay people less or perhaps in "Company Scrip" while workers live in Company Towns buying their goods and services from the Company Store. Then workers need not worry about transportation costs or housing expenses! 

The patterns of the Corporate Fascist Takeover are so readily prevalent that McDonald's felt entirely releasing a report on how Workers can survive under McFascism.

The McDonald's Budget would be laughable if it wasn't for the tragedy facing millions of Americans living in Wage Slavery. McDonald's allocates $0 for food and $20 for monthly healthcare. And to make matters more grotesque after the 35 hours at minimum wage flipping burgers and mopping out toilets, McDonald's had to add an additional $1000 in income (presumably at your other Mickey D's minimum wage job) to make the budget work. Oh and by the way, while logging 70-80 hours a week smelling like a Big Mac you can't spend anything on child care.

The historic function of fascism is to smash the working class, destroy its organizations and stifle liberties when the capitalists find themselves unable to govern and dominate with the help of democratic machinery. - Leon Trotsky

The Koch Brothers are fascists. McDonald's Corporate Board is fascist. Wall Street is fascistTheir goals are to completely neuter any Unions, organizations, groups, regulations or laws which could challenge their Plutocratic Machinations. There is a plethora of evil in that comment by Charles Koch. Eliminate regulations, conflating the social safety net with cronyism, the doublespeak of enhancing "mobility of labor". And a banal disregard for people in McDonald's Practical Money Skills For Life pdf.

Right now the Plutocracy need not worry about the Working Class, because the wholly owned Republican Party and so-called Pro-Business Democrats, are dutifully fulfilling their role as their Handmaidens and Guard Dogs of the Rich.

The Federal Government and increasingly State Governments respond increasingly to the wants and whims of the Rich and only the Rich.

Wall Street and The Kochs aren't merely content with destroying Unions but with setting up a self-sustaining system in which the only people who pay taxes are the Middle and Working Class to fund, at first a dwindling Social Safety Nets, Arts, the EPA, until their Handmaidens successfully eliminate those programs and eventually all the taxes paid by the 99% are funneled as Corporate Welfare into the coffers of the Captains of Finance, Industry and the Military.

I forgot to add Jane Mayer's reporting in the New Yorker showing how Charles and David Koch subvert the "Democratic Machinery" in regards to Climate Change. While their Think Tanks, Oil Conglomerate and Coal Mine Owners spew endless streams of propaganda to confuse and befuddle people, The Koch Brothers have signed pledges from their Handmaidens in DC to which they have promised to vote against legislation relating to climate change unless it is accompanied by an equivalent amount of tax cuts.

The People's House doing the Work of Plutocrats...

Over at Green Eagle blogspot is a story of Legerdermain by Goldman Sachs and the shuffling of Aluminum ingots which shows how the Captains of Finance aren't "Creating" Anything but using chicanery to "make money"


Cirze said...


Eat the rich!

The Koch Brothers are fascists. McDonald's Corporate Board is fascist. Wall Street is fascist.

Should be a hearty meal once we get organized!

Love ya,


Andrew Acista said...

Without capitalists who feeds the dependent class? Who pays the taxes that pay for Section 8 housing and EFT?

toma said...

Who pays for the healthcare of 56% of WalMart's employees? Who pays for the highways that ExxonMobil customers demand? Who pays for the public educations of the future managers of Microsoft, Apple and Dell Inc? We do. Even though you think we were born to subsidize capitalism, it just ain't so. Sorry pal.

Dervish Sanders said...

Cirze: Should be a hearty meal once we get organized!

The Occupy movement doesn't seem to be doing as well as the Tea Party movement. More who are willing dupes for the wealthy than are willing to take a stand for the average Joe... not a good sign.

Andrew Acista: Without capitalists who feeds the dependent class?

Nobody said anything about getting rid of capitalists. Non-rich folks can pool their money to fuel business ventures. Employees can own their own companies. In any case, just like the poor, the rich will always be with us.

As for the dependent classes, I'm with toma... the dependent rich are a much bigger problem than the dependent poor.