Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Rich "Successionists"

The Romney's are Revolting! Mitt Romney has no Loyalty to the United States. This goes beyond him flying the standard of the Cayman Islands on his personal yacht. Willard Mitt Romney and the cadre of disgusting Plutocrats with whom he associates have no Loyalty to the United States, either.
"You have to have skin in the game. I’m not saying how much people should do. But we should all be part of the system.” - Stephen Schwarzman
What Schwarzman means is the poor need to pay taxes while the rich do not.

 Schwarzman is one of the most vocal Plutocrats who is hoping that Right-Wing dupes and conservative bigots will elect Mitt Romney and cement their stranglehold on the Nation. He, like the disgusting Successionists benefit from the Byzantine Tax Code the Republicans have enshrined. His tax rate is lower than Romney's 13%.

 Not only does the Plutocracy benefit from the "carried interest rule" by shifting their compensation to capital gains they don't pay the 6.2 percent Social Security tax or the 1.45 percent Medicare, since these regressive taxes disproportionately impact the Poor and Middle Class, as they apply only to wages and salaries.

 Thus, when President Obama proclaimed the Buffett Rule for taxing the obscene stolen wealth of Plutocrats, Stephen Schwarzman said, “It’s like when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. It’s a war.” And he's Right. Mitt Romney and the 1% are engaged in Class War. The Plutocracy doesn't want to end the Government Spending. They just want to end Government spending on Poor folks.

 The Era of Noblesse oblige is over. The American worker is no one special to Mitt Romney, Schwarzman, the Koch Brothers, Kenneth C. Griffin, Paul Singer or Paul Ryan. The United States has no special allure for them.

While Paul Ryan was being treated to a $700 dollar Pinot Noir dinner date from $20 Billion dollar Hedge Fund "Manager" Clifford S. Asness, a American peasant had the gall to approach the Sagacious Deficit Guru and his Plutocratic Lordship. Asness, who correctly did not want to have his hands sullied with touching a poor person, declared, "Fuck Her"!

 The 1% is comprised of Sociopaths. They can not recognize the emotional states of other people. Nor do they care. The 1% aren't making anything, let alone "Creating Jobs".

They profit by crooked book keeping, legerdemain, mathematical equations, numbers games, and shifting billions of electronic digits from one account into another and then proclaim themselves hard-working capitalists. They are gamblers, thieves, poltroons and Vultures. They specialize in grifting.

 When asked what the difference between Hedge Fund Speculation and Gambling is Kenneth C. Griffin responded,
"I think there's a huge difference. Gambling is entertainment. Financial markets, what one often refers to as speculation, is really the force by which we move capital to the best and highest use."
The Rich don't believe in America. Wherever they can move "their" Capital to best benefit them is where they call home. Like Eduardo Saverin renouncing his Citizenship or Mitt Romney moving all his holdings into the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, the 1% hold themselves above any Nation-State. To Mitt Romney and the Rich Successionists Governments exist to keep their Filthy Lucre safe and their Workers in line.


the yellow fringe said...

There are a group of a few thousand households worth hundreds of millions, even billions, each, yes each, scattered around the globe. They have more in common with one another than with the nations they live in. They move money and shut companies, run competitors out of business sometimes for a grudge, all the time dodging taxes, and hiding assets. They control much of the worlds wealth, and hire lawyers to protect them and stunt men to take the falls. Romney is one of them, and his worth may be a billion so speculated Bloomberg, and if the money pouring through corporate funnels don't buy the Kochs and their pals control of a navy full of aircraft carriers, I'll be surprised, advertising works, it works like a motherfucker.

ran said...

Successionists. Cute.

"6.2 percent Social Security tax or the 1.45 percent Medicare"

Don't forget the "employer share" of those taxes. Add the "employee share" and the "employer share" together and that's a 15.3% tax on every working person right out of the box. So yeah, we have a higher tax rate than Mitt and his capital gains plutocrats even before we figure out our income taxes.

Patricia said...

You nailed it Gene. They are sociopaths. There are a lot in the 1%. I have doing some study on this subject, because I work with one. Sociopaths make excellent business men, they have no remorse and can only mirror others feelings. They are empty inside and constantly on the move to fill the hollowness inside them. Hence their global movement, here, there, anywhere that they can bleed dry until they move onto the next victim (country) Sociopaths are not always murderers or serial killers, but they always leave their target's financially destroyed. They will identify a new target before moving on from the present one. They are the worst kind of parasite. It is the only explanation for the way Republicans act.

Syrbal said...

Member of the choir here, you are singing my song, Gene. (oh, btw, this is Labrys of HerlanderRefugee on my moving day away from Google. Going to be Syrbal at henceforth)

Grung_e_Gene said...

Mitt Romney is a Mean, Viscous Jerk. Like all Rich assholes, he's benefited from the Nation and all it's infrastructure as President Obama said Romney didn't build that.

But, even worse Romney is one of the fakers justifiying and lying about his self-made manliness whose Father, George Romney, received GOVERNMENT WELFARE early in his life.

And that Hand Up allowed George to build his fortune.

Of course, Mitt's a secret Billionaire whose amongst the Successionists who've swindled the 99% and off-shored over $20 TRILLION in stolen loot.