Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ahhhh ah ah ah! Birtherism Can Never Die!

It is Here to Stay!

The Birthers are clear evidence that a large segment which supports the Republican Party are Racists.
Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi in Georgia has ruled that President Obama must appear in court and prove himself American. On Friday, 01/20/12, Judge Malihi denied a motion for dismissal of a subpoena that requires the President to attend. The hearing is set for Thursday.
This further illustrates that Right-Wingers see what they want to see. It has nothing to do with Obama's policies. It has everything to do with the color of his skin. Prove Yourself.

When the obviously Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate was posted online in 2009. Soviet-born Birther Madam Orly Taitz, World Net Daily and the Birthers declared Victory!

Even after President Obama shamed the right-wing bigots and those who were happily riding the racist wave to anti-Obama by asking the State of Hawaii to release the Long Form Birth Certificate. Joseph Farrah, of World Net Daily, declared, "How long will it take to see him frog-marched down Pennsylvania Avenue?" Farrah wants the President of the United States frog-marched because he is convinced Obama wasn't born in the United States. And what is evidence compared to Farrah's beliefs?

Orly Taitz the Birther Madam is Soviet. Righties have claimed for decades to be the Party that's tough on Communism and yet, here comes a woman with a conspiracy they want to believe and so a vast majority of them are believe what a KGB Agent says about the President of the United States.

It's about Right-Wingers want to believe. Actual facts and evidence will never break through the Birther or Conservative Alternate Reality.

Mike Huckabee is very, very very Birther-Curious. Huckabee is a big figure in the Republican Party and, of course is paid by Faux News, but when he's not busy pardoning cop killers Huckabee has made multiple declarative statements that he believes Obama is a foreigner. Huckabee's latest lie came about when he rallied to defend the Poor Little Rich Vulture Mitt Romney. Huckabee's advice to Romney was to release his tax returns, "when Barack Obama releases his college transcripts and the copy of his admission records to show whether he got any loans as a foreign student.” President Obama got aid as a Foreign Student! But, while this lie was begun via a 'Did ya hear about? Just passing this along' right-wing chain email it doesn't matter.

And how did Barack Obama get into Harvard and Columbia anyway? Birthers and Conservatives claim by Affirmative Action. Prove Yourself Obama!

The Right will never stop with the Republican Foreign Born monstrous birther lie because it assuages their souls and their base is comprised of bigots and racists. That is the modern conservative today. The constant stream of lies is a valuable strategy for Republicans. Not only does it conform to what conservatives want to believe, even if all the lies are shown to be lies the alternate reality set up in conservative's minds will never be shaken. The Alternate Reality they want to believe is more important than any evidence.


Sarge said...

The simple fact is that the Republicans have never gotten over the fact that they were trounced that badly in a presidential election by a black man.

fuck em...


the yellow fringe said...

A poll in Florida ask republicans where they get their news. 70'ish% said they watch Fox news exclusively or almost all the time. This is insane. I don't think anyone should get all their news from a single source, it's absurd. How can anyone get a full view like that?

The birthers I know have 2 things in common, fox, and they feel "superior to/threatened by" other ethnic groups.

Grung_e_Gene said...

@the yellow fringe,

While in Florida, this last Decemeber, I overheard an elderly lady tell several others, "As a rule I only listen to Fox News."


They think Newt's gonna give em a chance to punch that "Lyin' Kenyan" for them.

Sarge said...

Newt is going to have problems - If a man will fuck around on his wives; he will fuck around on America. He put personal gain before country as Speaker of The House- Why wouldn't he do the same
thing again?

What was that Noot said? I was so caught up with my love of the country that I committed adultry.

Tear off some strange tonight for the good old red, white, and blue..