Monday, March 14, 2011

Madison Protests far larger than any Weak Tea Party

The protests by We, the People in Madison are far larger than any Tea Party Protest. And to no one’s surprise the Media isn’t covering them. But, every time some racist grabbed his tri-cornered hat, slung his Ar-15 over his shoulder, and declared “I want my country back” an MSM reporter was there to broadcast it.

The protests in Madison, which have been going on non-stop for weeks, and the associated protests in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and New Jersey garner no attention because it is a genuine rising up of Real Americans angry over the Republican theft and oppression of the workers.

Republicans and conservatives serve Moneyed Interests. They seek nothing less than the creation of a Neo-Feudal state, so they collude to strip away anything which will aid Main Street while abetting Wall Street in heinous financial crimes. To wit: in 2010, the Republicans pulled their classic strategy of bait-and-switch; Proclaiming they were running on a platform of Jobs for Americans when their plan all along was the destruction of Unions, elimination of anything designed to aid the Poor and the subjugation of the Middle Class.

This plan of slowly chipping away at our Rights, of sowing racial discord, of pitting worker against worker is intended make Us accept working longer hours, for less money, without any healthcare coverage, no pension and no hope when we are old or broken by our labors. At which point the Neo-Cons will send us to FEMA Camps to die.

Here is a rundown of the things the Republicans planned to cut. And everyday a Republican reiterates their desire to defund the EPA or OSHA, or swindle Social Security or put childern to work.

But, a funny thing happened on the way to Wage Slavery; the American People began to see the collusion between the Republicans and the Plutocracy and began to protest for their Rights.

This infuriates the Rich because they have hired the GOP to eliminate the Middle Class and the Rich do not tolerate failure. And thus the protests are ignored or receive Faux News treatment.

For simply put, the modern GOP is allied against the American People. So expect more and more draconian “laws” abolishing our rights and enforcing slavery to be passed by the Republican Hit men.


Sue said...

Most of the weekend coverage is on Fox believe it or not, but I think they are praying for some violence so they can say "OH LOOKIE, the hippie evil liberals are the violent ones"!

If those thugs follow through with their threats to shut down the government I hope protesters come to the Capitol and the White House by the hundreds of thousands!

Morally Depraved Liberal said...

Good to see you Gene.

Great post man. You should be getting paid for this.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Rightie blogs are rampant with 'I don't wanna hear anymore how the Tea Party were violent because union thugs, smelly hippies, violent leftists, socialists, blah blah blah...'

I can't tell how many posters are repeat spammers and how many are just so caught up in the I already believe liberals are evil ergo I don't need any evidence of violence to believe they are acting violently...

Jolly Roger said...

Funny how the MSM doesn't seem to have a grasp on this, isn't it?

Jolly Roger said...

It won't be much longer. People have just about had it, and we aren't getting any relief from our milquetoast Executive. Our Soviet collapse will be just as sudden, and the world will be just as stunned, but good things can emerge; Latvia and (in spite of the MSM demonizing) Belarus have become pretty good places to live. We'll have ours, too. They won't be south of the Mason-Dixon Line, of course, but I think people kind of realize that already.