Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time to Declare Independence

From the Military-Industrial-Complex, which is not only bankrupting the Nation it demands Americans sacrifice themselves.

Sometimes my epigrams come a little too soon. Case in point, no sooner than I referenced the Loud Mouthed Cowardly War Proponents propensity to blather about the necessity of sacrificing someone else's life in war than did Michael Steele comment about the idiocy and uselessness of the "War" in Afghanistan. The comments received national media attention and the War Mongering Neo-Cons and Chicken Hawk Republicans immediately responded about the necessity of sacrificing more Americans' lives.

Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol, and Karl Rove, those three incomparable assholes, stepped forward first demanding Steele withdraw his comments and resign. The Republicans, led by John McCain and Sarah Palin, then followed and jumped at the chance to proclaim their support for Never-Ending-War. Tom Cole and Jim DeMint called on Steele to apologize and resign. Cole and DeMint are real republican chicken hawks they love war now but sure couldn't be bothered to serve in Vietnam when they were young men. You see it is their job to convince the American People that Endless War is good and necessary. A War which they know they and their families will never have to sacrifice anything for...

Republicans support War because they don't serve in the military. They won't have to shit in a hole in the desert. They won't have to go 7 weeks without a real shower. They won't have put rounds down range at another human being.

Now, of course, I believe from the total context of Steele's quote, as 'Obama's War of Choice', Steele was trying to use the increase in American deaths as a political tool against President Obama. But, if there's one thing the Republicans want to own it's the Wars. Because Republicans know they won't be touched by those wars.

The Wars begun by Bush and Cheney with the lockstep support of the Republican Party were for one reason; A Two-fold transfer of Wealth. There are too many Trillions of dollars to be taken from struggling American families and too much land and resources to be stolen from innocent people overseas by sending Americans there to kill the brown peoples.

If Obama does begin the drawdown it will mark a clear difference in 2012 for the American people. If he doesn't...
Propaganda war ensemble
Sport the war, war support
The sport is war, total war ~ Slayer, War Ensemble


Liberality said...

Republicans support War because they don't serve in the military.


TRUTH 101 said...

While I don't want anyone tortured and killed, I wouldn't be mad of all the Dems who pussiedly voted for the Iraq invasion at least, then continue to fund this madness, were at least flogged.

Peerless Cynic said...

Thanks, great observations. I like the Slayer postscript too.

Janet said...

Like truth101 said....
It was Bush in the White House, but how many Dems stood up against the war? And how many, even now, will stand up and admit it was a mistake? Not nearly enough.
Unfortunately, war is no longer only a Republican thang. The number of Dems who are truly against it is depressingly small.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The War Machine has control of this Nation. Americans have embraced and venerate Mars including so called leaders in the churches of christ. Americans are as blood thirsty as Ancient Romans.

But, while the rhetoric against Obama was bad and alluded to assassination and violence when he took on the Health Industry, the Bill Kristol's and Liz Cheney's of America would call for Obama's outright murder if he touched the sacred sacrifice of lives and Trillions to the Department of "Defense".

Batocchio said...

The hypocrisy is thick. Steele just forgot which lie he was supposed to tell that day.

By the way, do you have a link for the Hannity quotation? Was that recent, or did he say it a few years back?

Grung_e_Gene said...
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Anonymous said...

Liberality said...
Republicans support War because they don't serve in the military.

You guessed wrong. I am a Vet and I have a problem with what you said. First of all you are wrong and second and most importantly you are stupid. . Maybe you should try being nice to those that are Vets and you may learn something.
How dare you insult millions of Vets!!!
How dare you define for me the value of my service to my country because I am a republican! How dare you question my right as a citizen in a free society to express my patriotism through dissent, that which is Constitutionally protected? Just because YOU are an Obama ASS-KISSER and I chose not to be!

How dare you indict my service to my nation because I do not accept the ways of a socialist who is destroying my Nation!!
How dare you suggest that I do not support our young men and women now being put in harm's way?

How dare you sit behind a compute and preach to these ass-hole progressives that never spent one freaken day serving this nation.
I am a veteran. I am a teaparty member and I despise this ass-hole that YOU put in to the oval office.
After September 11th I like so may other republicans enlisted in the US Army to fight for my country. Ask the others on this comment page how many of them did the same?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Walt's World is a scary and indignant land filled with vast tracts of umbrage. Walt your complicit ignorance is an affront and insult to those you supposedly honor.

Supporting the Troops means Supporting the President. Or so it was when Republican Cowards began the Phony Wars on Terror.

Now after President Obama inherited Bush's Incompetence and Cheney's War Crimes cock stroking Tea bagging Republican bitches such as you hold bigoted attacks on Obama are now true patriotism.

What you've shown is that you are a slave and a dupe and willing contributor to Theft, Torture and Murder. An obedient War Criminal.

It is you who is destroying this nation because you like all Republicans hate Democracy.

Anonymous said...

what vermin you are! what a worthless piece of shit you are! you are a insane idiot.
and of course I'm holding back.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Walt's World; "and of course I'm holding back."

Of course you're holding back! You're a republican, terrorism and violence are your default positions. I'm sure you like to not hold back and wish to attack and harm me because you're a terrorist.

pithy_opiner said...

Grung_e_Gene said...

Walt's World; "and of course I'm holding back."
I'm sure you like to not hold back and wish to attack and harm me because you're a terrorist.

And you are ONE SICK PUPPY. You need to be in an institution
I grew up in Americas greatest time! We supported the World, fed the hungry, protected FREEDOM! Shame you don't understand that!
I'll be here hitting the delete button if you need me!

I can't think of any Liberal that has all his marbles, and you who is the poster boy for liberal trash is no exception!!

Debra's Diary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TRUTH 101 said...

Debbies Diary posted this but it must have been accidentally deleted by her:

"Wait a minute libbie turd..I know logic eludes you, but give it a try.

You swear like a sailor, you treat women on here like dirt . You make bigoted statements about various groups of people, and I'm suppose believe one word that you say?

Year Right! You must of hit your head on a rock when you fell out of that tree."

Just curious Gene. You getting a bunch of traffic from Long Beach NY lately? Some idiot with nothing to do but create blogs and then post as all these people comes from there. That wouldn't be you now, would it Malcontent? And Professor of Life. And Reverend Grigori. And at least fifty others who are followers of each others blogs.

On the odd chance Walt isn't one of the fifty, I don't believe anything you say about yourself asshole. Other than the tea bagger thing but that is only logical because tea baggers are as a rule, assholes.

Semper Fi dickhead.

PS: I don't think you need any help with this (these?) clown. I just wanted to get in on the fun Gene.

Silverfiddle said...

Hee heee heee!!! Careful Troofer, paranoia will destroy ya.

Of course, Walts World is right. For Gene to be right, the military would have to be filled with bed wetting liberal Obamatards. Voting patterns show that to not be the truth.

BTW, Gene, can you give us a link to the transcript containing the Hannity quote? Or are you just shouting more bullshit into the liberal echo chamber?

Seriously, I'd like the link.

TRUTH 101 said...

Ohh! Did I strike a nerve Silverfish? Get you wondering where all those followers with almost exactly the same profile came from? Either a Veteran with a loving family or a female Veteran with a loving family who loves our Troops and America and hates what's happening to America? And that they all got their profile pics from a web dating service. Ask your pal Professor of Life about that SF.

Ask Pamela D. Hart where fifty of her followers went when she started asking questions.

Maybe you're not as popular as you think.

Sorry to hijack a real American's thread Gene.

Anonymous said...

Republicans support War because they don't serve in the military.
And they own a large chunk of the industrial war complex to boot. Don't ever forget that.

TomCat said...

Amen to this, Gene. Did you know you made the blog roundup page on Crooks and Liars?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ah so that explains the upswing in hits! I wondered were all these Weak Tea Sunshine Patriots were coming from...

The saddest part of the comments from the unthinking rabid righties is, while they unleash their venom upon me, they tacitly accept the War Machine. An obsequious deference to murder and mayhem.

Over at Reality Zone the most poignant image is the common soldier, the American who bears the brunt of the Military Industrial Complex's savagery, with words upon the flag; "There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people".

Silverfiddle said...

Got a link to the transcript, Gene? Not somebody saying somebody said something, but the link to the actual transcript so we can read for ourselves.

Actually, troof, I didn't wonder anything like that...

I guess you spend more time at it than I do.

Gene: Got links?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Silverfiddle that quote is false. Once you pointed it out to me I researched and learned it.

Silverfiddle said...

You know Gene, every time I think you're hopeless, you do something like this to redeem yourself.

You're an intellectually honest man (I'm hoisting a beer in your honor)

Since you've made me feel all warm inside, I'll agree with you that the military industrial complex must be closely watched, and it should share in the budget cuts I thing our government needs to make.

We probably disagree in that I want Iraq and Afghanistan brought to some kind of good end.

We probably do agree that there better be a damned high bar for any future president to jump over if they want a foreign adventure. That includes China, Iran or any other dirtbag country that is rattling swords. No more preemptive wars.

There. Now we can go back to disagreeing... ;)

Sincerely, I appreciate your intellectual honesty.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Trust but Verify Silverfiddle.

Finding out that quote was BS made me angry, I forget the first rule.

When you're prepared to believe the worst about someone you can easily fall victim to less scrupulous persons.

I'm chagrined that I allowed my preconceived notions about Sean Hannity place a libelous and malicious quote on my blog. Totally my fault for only doing cursory investigation of the outright lie.

It's one of the problems with the blogosphere. The way any such lie can make the rounds and become "internet fact".

If one isn't honest well then... What's the point?

Silverfiddle said...

"If one isn't honest well then... What's the point?"


And I like the Reagan quote.