Monday, June 1, 2009

Right Wing Extremist RESPONSIBILITY

Do any of you people know who Charles Whitman was?


None of you dumbasses knows?
~ Gunny R. Lee Ermey from the Famous and oft misinterpreted Full Metal Jacket.

Ultimately, everyone themselves must be accountable for their actions. Responsibility is not a political issue. Of course, in the hyper drive to have control of the government in order to enforce your will on every other American everything is an issue.

There have been three highly covered and intensely partisan terrorist attacks in America in the last two weeks; The murder of a Doctor, an American Soldier and now a Security Guard. Lost in the major network coverage has been the spike in violence and murder all across the nation, especially in my neighborhood Chicago land area.

What has not been lost is the Republican Toxic Defenders immediate propaganda response to shift the blame away from themselves and their American terrorist fomenting rhetoric and minimize the DHS Right-Wing Extremist report, which rightly warned and predicted of the Right's Terror Campaign.

The Right's rhetoric theses days is akin to the trainers of suicide bombers. Their demagogues spew forth a constant stream of hate-filled vitriol designed to set up a cascade of mental dominoes in their ignorant and brain washed followers. Who then respond with acts of violence after which the toxic commentators rush to bellow about their innocence and non-culpability as the deadly fields of violence they have sown are reaped by the terrorists they train...

Usually those in power have no qualms about setting the lesser classes of Americans against one another. But, it so happens with the Toxic Republican Pro Human Pain and Suffering Party of Deferments collapsing as a viable political entity they are more than willing to ratchet up the violent inciting speech. This is always done with the sheen of plausible deniability hanging about so when someone does follow through Hannity, Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg, She Who Shall Not Be Named 2 and the rest can affect their wide-eyed stance of, well of course i didn't mean for my mouth breathing followers to actually murder those troop hating, American destroying, socialist liberals who deserve to be dealt with someway (wink wink)...

However, these extraordinary acts of Republican motivated political violence and bloodshed still do not worry me as much as the ordinary murder and bloodshed being visited upon normal decent everyday Americans, until now that the Toxic Republican Pro Human Pain and Suffering Party of Deferments continued Call for Jihad is turning the extraordinary right wing political terror campaign into ordinary everyday occurrences.

So the Toxic Right will continue their plan to Blame Barack for absolutely everything continue to push the go out and get a gun the liberals are destroying America bombast and hope and pray for another foreign terrorist attack on America.

Watch video of Ed Schultz correctly declare "Absolutely" to Joe Scarborough that Dick Cheney "wants Americans to die in a terrorist attack so he can regain a political advantage".

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