Monday, March 10, 2008

Pay No Attention to the Carnage in Iraq

The ignorance or deceit by Bush and his rabid chicken hawk warmonger supporters about Iraq continues unabated.

In early 2007 when US and Iraqi deaths increased during the vaunted Surge, it was a sign of progress. Later when deaths tailed off because the insurgents went to ground to out wait the increased troop concentration it was hailed as even more progress.

Now Iraq is experiencing an increase in deaths and violence (only a troop hating anti-american terrorist would click any of these links) and the insurgents are adapting their techniques by using the mentally handicapped, to circumvent the identification of the stereotypical suicide bomber.

Of course, when you're funnelling 12 Billion dollars a month (Estimates are now 3 Trillion just for Iraq!) to the coffers of War profiteers, you need to keep lying.

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