Sunday, August 12, 2007

The "Surge" isn't working but it doesn't matter.

Because we aren't leaving Iraq, ever.

The blitz is on, to convince you some way anyway the Surge is working and we are "winning" in Iraq. Winning is, of course, left as nebulous as ever by the Bush Regime.

But, that won't stop the War proponents from claiming, after some have spent as much as a whole week themselves in Iraq, the tide has turned. Bill Kristol is the latest. When he was asked if the Surge was working, "Yes. No one there thinks it’s not..."

Really, Bill? By all of the measure ables; violence is up, security is down, the infrastructure is in shambles, the political situation is as dysfunctional as ever, things don't seem to have improved. But I guess saying it is makes it so.

However, from time to time the Generals on the ground slip up and reveal, no matter what happens with the Surge, the US isn't leaving Iraq anytime soon.

General David Petraeus, "We're going to be engaged in Iraq for some foreseeable future." And "I don't know whether this will be decades, but the average counter insurgency is somewhere around a nine or a 10 year endeavour."

The Top Marine Corps General, Commandant James Conway, The U.S. military needs more time in Iraq than the American public is willing to invest and that difference is "troubling."

General Raymond Odierno endorses a 50 year+ model ala the US presence in South Korea.

All this back and forth over the Surge is a game of 3 Card Monte, with the true goal being the swindling of billions from the American people.

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